The Popular Boy

Clara is just into her freshman year of high school. She is the quite girl that nobody talks to. Then she gets partnered up with one of the Junior Baseball players named Tyson. She falls for him the first time they talk. But they come from two different world... Will they fall in love or will it all fall apart at Clara's feet.


12. Crash

I can't see anything I don't know whats going on. Suddenly a bright light appeared. I was in a white room. It goes on forever. "HELLO, anybody there" I screamed. I was so scared. Where is Tyson. I kept walking and i could hear people talking but I cant find them. My heart beats faster and the voices get louder. I keep running and I just get nowhere. 

All of a sudden someone pops in front of me. I stop dead in my tracks. "Hello, can you help me? Where am I?" I asked the person. Their face was hidden by the light. Suddenly they spoke. "You are half way up." I was still confused. Half way up? What did that have to mean? "You got into a car wreck Clara" they said. 

How did they know my name. Did I really get into a car wreck. I gulped and then asked "Am I dead." 

They took steps forward while speaking "No, you are on the edge. You are in very bad condition. Back on earth you're in a coma. But they do not know yet. You're in between because you have gotten the chance to go back. You are one of few. It was just not your time. But you don't get it handed to you. You have to fight for it."

Was this real? This is like something you would see in a dream. Is Tyson playing a weird joke on me?

The figure got closer and closer. Then finally I was face to face with the person. They had big white fake wings on her hair was long and golden blonde. I told her that the game they are playing isn't funny. I guess she knew I didn't think it was real because she grabbed my hand and told me to close my eyes. I shut my eyes thinking I was going to be right about it being fake and a joke. It felt as if I was floating. I peeked open my eyes. I was in the sky we were going somewhere I don't know where we were going but we are going somewhere. I closed my eyes once again. About Five minutes later we landed. I heard people talking. It sounded like my parents and and Tyson. SHe told me to open my eyes and when I did I seen my parents crying in a waiting room and Tyson trying to keep everything together. I ran over to my mom and dad and asked them what was wrong. They didn't answer so I ran to Tyson.  He ignored me too. What was happening. Could this all be real? Then a doctor approached.

"Mr. and Mrs. Robertson" He said softly with a sad tone in his voice. I walked over to him with my parents and Tyson.

"Is she okay doctor." My mom cried out.

I looked at my mom and back at the doctor and asked "Who is she, Is who okay? Me? MOM i'm fine look at me please." 

The doctor looked at my parents and replied "She is in critical condition she is in a mild coma she hasn't woken up yet. There is a chance she can make it and there is also a chance she may not. But that isn't what we have to be thinking about we have to have faith in Clara that she will make it out of this okay."

He said clara thats me. The doctor told them that they can see her now. So followed them into a room and there i layed. Neck brace and everything. My foot propped up in a case. What happened am I okay. Tyson left my parents be with me for a while. I could tell that something was wrong. I followed him and he went out the doors of the hospital and went over to his car where he placed his arm on the roof. When I walked over to him I seen the tears running down his face. 

"Why, I don't understand. God please if you're real keep her safe and bring her home i dont wanna lose her just yet. She means the world to me. PLEASE! She is all i have." He cried.  I went to hung him when everything went dark again and then white. The lady walked up to me and asked if i believed now.

I did. I Clara Robertson Might Die. 

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