Jenna's twenty years old and seems to have hit a dead end before anything's even begun for her. Luke's seven years older and still in the same boat - despite their differences, perhaps they both have some answers to each other's problems.


3. 2

The job sucks. It’s just shit. I think the problem is that it’s easy stuff and I know it’s easy stuff and so does everybody in the office but I’m finding everything such a challenge. There’s just so much to do, I’m doing all these little things and I’m fully aware I keep messing up. I hear people bitching about how I make coffee in the canteen and three clients have shown up for the wrong appointment so far because of me.


It’s the end of my second week and this whole time a technical issue’s been popping up on the printer and I’ve been pressing ‘remind me later’ every time and now the whole thing has crashed. I’m close to tears. Most people who are wondering where their papers are come up, sigh to make sure I know they’re pissed off, and then go back to their desk. While I’m trying desperately to fix it I hear footsteps behind me and wait for the sigh and the footsteps to go again but this time there’s just a “how have you managed this one?”.


I turn around, trying not to look on the verge of tears. I recognise this guy, he’s a cleaner in the cafeteria. I always see him either looking disapproving of something I’m doing or laughing when people are complaining about “the boss’ kid’. I’m pretty sure if you asked anybody in this office what their favourite joke is, they’d say me.




He nods at the printer. “What have you done?”


“I… I don’t know.” I’m a little stunned. It’s one thing to be talked about but am I getting told off right now?


“Jesus christ, I hope they’re not paying you much.” he mutters, stepping past me and looking at the printer. There’s the pissed off sigh. “Oh well done. Great job on this.”


“I just didn’t know what I was supposed-”


“Get the IT guy maybe?” he raises an eyebrow at me. My cheeks are burning.


“I don’t really know where he is.” that earns me a laugh.


“Right. Well thanks a lot, you’re a real help around here.” he turns around and begins walking away and it’s then I realise I don’t just feel embarrassed right now. I’m angry.


“Hey!” I exclaim and he rolls his eyes as he turns around. “What are you so annoyed for?”


“We’re not in high school. People have actual important work to do, including me.” he says, like I’m dumb.


“What work do you have to do?” I laugh. “You’re a fucking cleaner!”


He stares for a second. “And you’re the boss’ useless daughter. Good one.”


He carries on walking away and I feel like crawling into a hole. Even the cleaning guy thinks I’m an idiot

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