What happens when your world gets turned upside down when you suddenly find out that the creatures in myths and folklore are real?
Ash Green finds himself in the middle of a battle field between creation and destruction, when he gets beaten down by one of the creatures. When he finally wakes up, his eyes are opened into a new world, a world he will see through the Phoenix.


1. Trouble on the other side of town

    "Wrong... Wrong... Wrong. Mr Green, I know you don't like my class but this is your lowest score yet, 5 out of 30!"

    "I was aiming for lower." scowled Mr Green.

    "Ash, please remember, your finals are coming up soon, and if you don't pass my class, you won't become a junior. Then you'll have to take my class again."

    "Than I'll take your stupid class again Mr Carrey!" yelled Ash Green who, quite rightly, despised his teacher. You see, when Ash was a freshman, Mr Carrey was only doing his job when he gave Ash a detention. From then on, Ash had always hated him,"It's not like you'll give me any less detentions."

    And with that, Ash was off leaving Mr Carrey in his tracks. His teacher called for him to come back, but Ash just kept walking. He burst the front doors open to stroll out of the school. No one's going to stop me he thought and I'm not going back. When Ash finally looked up after talking to himself for what seemed only to be a couple of minutes, he knew exactly where he was. He happened to be in the roughest part of town. On the other side of town. 

    With a dead end up ahead and too many backstreets for his liking, Ash turned on his heels and went back the way he came. Then he heard something, something that sounded like whispers coming from the alleyway to the left. After about 10 seconds of gaining courage, he decided to take a look. Where the shadows moving? Ash rubbed his eyes then took another look. The shadows where just normal shadows. It was just a trick of the light Ash reasoned then kept walking. Just out of curiosity, he looked over his shoulder. There were people. No not people things. They came as shadows out of the alleyways, but in a split second they solidified. Big, hideous, monstrous things. They had stingers for tails and poison for saliva. They looked like mutated spiders. You could hear the Earth tremble beneath their feet. Ash turned to run but before he could, one of the creatures attacked. The stinger of the beast pierced through his skin, causing him to howl in pain. As the stinger slowly retracted; Ash could sense the red velvety blood oozing out of a gaping hole in the back of his neck. He could't move. All he could feel was pain. The world began to spin uncontrollably as he desperately called for help. Nothing replied but the darkness that began to consume him.

   His mind was awake, but his body wouldn’t comply. He was fighting to stay conscious. To regain all five senses. He could see a fight going on, between who was unknown. The cries of the beasts told Ash that they were losing, that whoever was fighting them were winning. He could smell the blood around him; feel the cold concrete floor that he was laying on. A hand grabbed his shirt; another popped a pill in his mouth. Slowly, his strength began to return to his weak, wounded body. The figure set him down on the floor. Slowly, Ash drifted into a deep slumber. The figure stood over him,” I’ll raise you like a Phoenix.”



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