Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


9. Welcome to Broadway

Taylor's POV

When I got off the plane, I found myself at the New York airport. It was huge! There was a bunch of ppl and I couldn't find Matt or his team. I was hungry so I went to get Subway and waited for them. While I was eating my phone rang. I looked at the caller id and answered it.

The call

"Hello" I answered.

"Hello Taylor. This is Matt. Are you in New York?" Matt asked.

"Yes I just got in. I'm at the airport and I can't find your team so I'm just waiting for them." I replied.

"Dammit! I told them to wait for you." Matt said angrily then he sighed. "I guess I'll have to come get you myself."

"Are you sure? You don't have to." I said.

"I'm coming to get you stay put." Matt said.

"Alright. See you in a bit." I said and hung up.

End call

Matt's POV

The Newsies were busy rehearsing when my phone rang. I looked at the caller id and it was Taylor, the new intern. I looked around for the producer and had him take over.

I walked backstage and answered the call. Taylor told me she was at the airport waiting for my team which I had sent over there but I guess they didn't show up. I told her that I would come and get her and she said ok.

After the phone call, I walked back on stage and walked over to Wyatt, my co-director and told him I had to pick up the new intern and have the Newsies keep rehearsing. He nodded his head and I left.

~1 hour later~

I arrive at the airport to pick Taylor up and text her to tell her I'm here. I wait a few minutes and then see her walk out and head over to the limo. "Hi Taylor, how are you?" I ask as she gets in. "Hi Matt, I'm good and excited!" Taylor smiled with joy. I rolled the window down and told the driver to head back to base.

As we were driving, I asked Taylor about her flight. "It was amazing! I listened to Newsies the whole way here." She laughed."That's great!" I replied. Then she talked about New York, her dreams of being on Broadway and that Newsies was her favorite musical. “Well Taylor, you've come to the right place then." I said. We pulled up to base, parked and got out.

Taylor's POV

"Is this where the interview is at?" I asked as Matt and I stood in front of a building. "What interview?" Matt replied. "The one for the internship." I said. "Oh yea. I already know a little about you. I just need to explain a few things about the internship." Matt said. "Ok" I said.

Matt explained how the internship worked and what I was supposed to do. It seemed like there was no interview at all and I already got the job. We walked into the building and I was in awe. I couldn't believe I was on Broadway. The place was huge! I saw the Newsies rehearsing in front of me and almost fainted.

Matt helped me keep my balance and the Newsies all looked in my direction. "Do you want to meet the boys?" Matt leaned towards me. I looked at Matt then at the boys. "Seriously!?" Matt nodded. I gave him a thumbs up and we walked over to the stage.

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