Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


15. Watch What Happens

Back at home, Jack has been taking care of Davey and Les just like Taylor said but it's been hard on Les especially. She's been gone about 6 weeks and everyone misses her.

Jack's POV (original)

I've been busting my butt taking care of Les and Davey can take care of himself. Don't get me wrong I love Les but ever since Taylor left he's been hiding in his room crying and only comes down to eat then goes upstairs again. It's frustrating!

Davey and I decided to go to the zoo to cheer Les up. The three of us walked out to my car and drove over to the zoo. "We should FaceTime Taylor and see how she's doing." Davey suggested. "Yea!" Les said. "Sure" I said as we pulled up to the zoo and parked.

Davey got his phone out of his pocket and Face Timed Taylor.


~The screen was pitch black so we couldn't see anything then we saw some movement. Someone was wearing a hood and there were voices in the background.~

Voice 1: "Is that my phone I hear?"

Voice 2: "No I'm pretty sure it your mom"

~ppl were laughing then I saw Taylor's face on screen~

Taylor: *sees Davey and throws phone so the call is disconnected*

End FaceTime

Davey's POV

"I wonder what that was about?" I asked myself. "Idk but let's head in so Les can have some fun!" Jack replied and got out. Les and got out and followed Jack to the zoo entrance and waited in line for our tickets.

We got to the front and paid for our tickets then went inside and saw all the different animals. Les seemed to have a good time but there was still something that was bringing him down. We all knew what that reason was but we didn't get into it. I just want Les to have a fun time today and not worry about Taylor.

Les's POV

Davey and Jack took me to the zoo to cheer me up because Taylor has been gone for a while. I tried to put a smile on my face but it didn't work. The animals were pretty funny and I smiled a little bit until I saw a group of people performing.

I thought back to my nightmare that night and held onto Davey for dear life. I was whining when Davey looked at me with a confused look. "What's wrong Les?" He asked. I pointed to the group of ppl that were walking towards us.

Taylor's POV

I decided to go back home with a few of the Broadway Newsies because Matt got them a performance at a zoo.

We landed at the airport then walked over to the zoo. "Taylor can you show us around after the performance?" Race asked. "I will don't worry." I replied. I wore a hood because it was cold. The zoo manager saw us as we walked in. "We're here for the performance." Matt said to the zoo manager. "Of course, right this way" the manager said. We followed her towards the stage and had us wait while she made an announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the zoo. Please feel free to look around at the exotic animals and enjoy yourselves. While you're doing that feel free to listen to the amazing music brought to you by a special group of kids." The manager said and walked off stage.

The boys kept pushing me and wanting me to go on stage and introduce them to the crowd but I didn't want to because of what happened the day before. Jack decided to go on stage and introduce the Newsies. The song they decided to do was Watch What Happens.

Jack's POV (Broadway)

"Hello everyone. I hope you're having a great time today." I said into the mic. The audience applauded. "If you know the words sing along" I walked off stage. Katherine couldn't make it because she was busy so everyone wanted Taylor to sing the song.

Taylor was freaking out because everyone screaming at her. "Taylor if you want to sing you can but you don't have to." Spec's said. "No it's fine I think I can handle it." Taylor replied. She cooled down after a few minutes and was ready to perform.

We all stayed back and watched Taylor walk on stage and talk to the crowd for a bit then she performed Watch What Happens.

Watch What Happens


"Write what you know" so they say, all I know is I don't know what to write or the right way to write it. This is big, lady, don't screw it up, this is not some vaudeville I'm reviewing. Poor little kids versus rich greedy sourpusses. Ha! It's a clitch!

It could practically write itself--and let's pray it does cause as I may have mentioned, I have no clue what I'm doing. Am I insane? This is what I've been waiting for. Well that, plus the screaming of ten angry editors. A girl? It's a girl! How the hell? Is that even legal?

Look, just go and get her! Not only that, there's a story behind the story: Thousands of children, exploited, invisible. Speak up, take, and there's someone to write about about it. That's how things get better. Give life's little guy some ink, and when it dries just watch what happens. Those kids will live and breath right on the page and once they're center stage, you watch what happens. And who's there with her camera and her pen as the boys turn into men they'll storm the gates and then watch what happens when they do.


She walks off stage into the crowd continuing to sing as we watched her.

Picture a handsome, heroically, charismatic--plain spoken, know nothing, skirt chasing, cocky little son of a--lie down with dogs and you wake up with a raise and a promotion. So he's a flirt, a complete ego maniac. The fact is he's also the the face of the strike--

Taylor walks back on stage.

What a face--face the fact, that's a face that could save us from sinking in the ocean. Like someone said, "Power tends to corrupt" absolute power,wait! Wait,corrupt!? Absolutely, that is genius! But give me time, I'll be twice as good as that six months from never. Just look around at the world we're inheriting and think of the one we'll create.

Their mistake is they got old, that is not a mistake we'll be making. No sir, we'll stay young forever! Give those kids and me a brand new century and watch what happens. It's David and Goliath, do or die the fight is on and I can't watch what happens.

But all I know is nothing happens when you just give in. It can't be any worse than how it's been. And it just so happens that we just might win, so whatever happens! Let's begin!

End song

Taylor's POV

After the song was over, I waved to the crowd as they applauded for me. "Thank you" I mouthed as the crowd quieted down. I ran off stage towards the boys and they congratulated me on the performance.

"Wow Taylor you were amazing!" Romeo exclaimed. "Great job out there Taylor. You killed it!" Davey smiled and patted my back. "Thanks guys!" I replied. We continued talking for a bit when Matt walked over to us. "Taylor you were outstanding!" He said. "Thanks Matt" I replied. "You guys are free to walk around the zoo until we're ready to leave. I'll have the tour bus parked by the entrance when you're ready to leave." Matt said. "Great!" Race exclaimed. "Awesome! Thanks Matt" Spec's said. Matt left and we got our things then I showed the boys around the zoo.

Race's POV

While Taylor was showing us around the zoo I tried to hold her hand but she brushed it off. I looked at Davey and Crutchie who were busy looking around so I was left helpless.

If only I found a way to get Taylor alone...woah Race get your head out of the clouds. She probably has a boyfriend so please don't go there.

"Race are you ok?" I felt a hand on my shoulder, turned around and saw Davey. I got out of my thoughts. "What? Yea." I replied. "We're falling behind. C'mon." Davey said and followed him over to the group who were by the bus ready to go.

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