Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


20. Surprise!!

Taylor's POV

Race and I stayed at the theatre for a little bit longer while they were closing up shop. "So what's the surprise?" Race asked. I turned around and replied, "I'm not gonna tell you, you're just going to have to wait." "Why!" Race complained. "Bc I love you" I said and kissed his cheek then smiled. " I'm gonna change" I said looking down at my coffee stained white v-neck and "holy" jeans. “You look perfect the way you are.” Race smiled and began to lean in. I smiled and leaned in as well. Our lips touched and were in sync with each other. Race picked me up and set me on the table. We sat there for about 20 minutes having a make out session. His hands moved around and down my body and I did the same (not like that, clothes on).

“I need to change. But we can continue this later.” I winked and kissed Race’s cheek. “Alright. I'll meet you at the car" Race replied. He hugged me then walked away.

Good thing I brought extra clothes. I walked into the dressing room making sure no one was around and changed into a white lacy dress with black heels. I knew for a fact that Race would be staring at me all night. I grabbed the pile of clothes, keys and phone then walked out of the dressing room. Some of the crew members said bye on my way out.

I walked out to the parking lot towards my car. I put Race's present in the trunk so he wouldn't notice. We both got in and I asked, "Where do you want to go babe?" as I got my phone out. "I'm pretty tired after tonight's performance so let's head home." Race replied and fell asleep. I texted Katherine:

Me-Race fell asleep. We're heading over

I got a reply back a minute later.


I put my phone away, started the car and headed to Manhattan.

Katherine's POV

After Taylor texted me, the Newsies and I hung out until she got to club. Jack, Davey and I walked over and explained to the DJ that it was our friend's birthday today. The DJ nodded and asked, "Are they on their way?" "Yes" Jack replied. "Ok, I'll just play slow songs until they get here." The DJ said. "Great! Thanks man" Davey said and the three of us walked away.

Specs and I waited outside for Taylor and Race talking until they showed up. When I saw a blue sedan pull up and park I knew it was Taylor and Race bc of Taylor bouncy blonde curls. Taylor got out, opened the trunk to get Race's present out and waved to Specs and I.

She closed the trunk and went around to the passenger seat to wake Race and he stumbled out and they walked over to the entrance. Specs and I went inside to tell everyone to hide and be quiet.

Race's POV

Today was my 19th birthday and after tonight's performance I didn't feel like doing anything but Taylor wanted to so it made me suspicious.

Anyway, Taylor blindfolded me and we walked into some random building somewhere in Manhattan. "Where are we Taylor?" I asked holding her hand. "It's a surprise! Don't take off your blindfold or else you'll ruin it." She replied. "Alright" I said.

Taylor let go of my hand to put something away I think. I hope she came back but she didn't. "Taylor?" I said. There was silence except for music playing in the background so I knew we were at some club. "Taylor? This isn't funny. Come out." I said again. Again there was no answer so I was freaking out. I ripped my blindfold off immediately.

All of sudden, lights came flashing on and music started blaring through the speakers. I sort of saw Jack and Crutchie through the lights and everyone yelled "Surprise!" Taylor jumped on my back and kissed my cheek. I couldn't help but smile and laugh. "Who put this on?" I spoke loud to Taylor. "It was a group effort." She replied. "I'm glad you like it" "Are you kidding! I love it!" I yelled back.

Spec's POV

Everyone was having a great time dancing and talking. Jack and Katherine were talking while Taylor and Race were dancing. I'm glad Race found someone who is just like him. I just hope that Taylor's brother and (ex) boyfriend don't show up and ruin Race's party.

I walked over to Jack and Katherine was with Davey and Crutchie. "Hey man, I have a bad feeling about this." I said nervously. "Why wood you be nervous?" Jack asked. "I'm afraid that Taylor's brother and (ex) boyfriend will show up and ruin Race's party." I replied. "That's true. If they do come we'll know what to do" Jack smiled. "Alright" I said.

All of a sudden, Romeo and Tommy Boy walked or stumbled towards Jack and I. It looked like Tommy boy had to much to drink and he was slurring his words. "H-Hey...guys" he said. "Tommy Boy are you drunk?" I asked. "Yes-" Romeo started but was cut off by Tommy Boy shushing him. "No I'm not!" Tommy pouted. "Anyway, the gang is doing karaoke if you want to join." Romeo said. "Thanks Romeo" Jack said and the two boys walked away.

Davey's POV

A few of us were doing karaoke and it was pretty fun! Crutchie and Katherine were up on stage singing Broadway songs from Newsies of course. After they went, Taylor decided to go up and do a song. She decided to do a song from Les Miserables, one of the most famous musicals of all time, which I've heard of as well.

While Taylor was singing I saw a few kids walk in. They wore black coats and hats and were trying not to look conspicuous. I recognized one of the boys from the airport so I went over to Jack and told him.

"Hey Jack" I tapped his shoulder and he turned around. "Yea Davey?" Jack asked. "I think Taylor's friends are here." I replied. Jack's smile soon faded. "Thanks" he said and fetched Spec's then both of them stormed over to the kids.

Jack's POV

Spec's and I stormed over to Taylor's brother and boyfriend so I could punch her boyfriend in the face but before I reached them, they were on stage with Taylor. Everyone was either drunk or dancing and didn't notice. Taylor was singing away. Race was right, she does have an amazing voice.

Jack stop thinking about Taylor. She's Race's girlfriend and you're with Katherine. Get her out of your head I told myself. I stormed over to Taylor's brother and ex but before I reached them, they were heading to the stage.

As Taylor's song was coming to a close, they came on stage and waited for her to exit. What I saw after that made me pissed.

Taylor's POV

After my song was over, the audience applauded as I walked offstage. I felt someone's hands around my waist thinking it was Race but when I turned around I couldn't believe my eyes.

I tried struggling out of Davey and Jack's grasp but couldn't. "Whoa you're not going anywhere. Come with us" My brother said. I looked around trying to find Specs, Jack (Broadway), or Race but I couldn't see them so dreading the thought of what might happen to me, I followed my brother and ex.

I found myself taken away from the crowd and my "ex", Jack, walked towards me. "How could you do this to me Taylor! I thought you loved me!" Jack yelled in my face. "What are you talking about Jack?" I asked. "Don't play dumb Taylor!" Jack shouted. "Are you jealous?" I asked. "No I'm happy for you. I'm glad you had a chance to work on Broadway." Jack replied. I looked at Jack with my eyebrows furrowed. "I'm confused. First you were yelling at me for probably seeing me with Race and now you're saying your happy for me??" I said. "" Jack was just as confused as I was and started tearing up. Davey and I tried to cheer him up as he cried into my dress.

"What Jack was trying to say was that he's happy that you got your dream to be on Broadway but isn't happy that you cheated on him." Davey said. I looked at my brother. "You know I would never cheat on Jack Davey" I said. "I know but he's just making a big deal out of it" Davey mouthed. I nodded then turned back to Jack. "Jack are you ok?" I asked. He looked down at me through his red puffy eyes. "I love you Taylor. I always will and I will fight for you no matter what." Jack said. "I love you too Cowboy" I smiled. The three of us stood there for a minute until Specs and Jack (Broadway) walked in.

Davey's POV (original)

I saw Specs and Jack walk in calling for Taylor when they saw me. "Hey Davey" Specs said as he walked up to me. I was very cautious bc I didn't know what to expect. Taylor was with Jack in the corner talking.

"Taylor! Are these guys bothering you?" Specs asked. She looked over at them and shook her head. "Are you sure?" Jack asked. "Yes" she replied as her and Jack walked up to us. "Taylor what's going on? How do they know us?" Jack and I asked. Taylor thought for a moment then replied in a soft tone. "They know I'm an original Newsie. Don't worry I told them not to tell the other Broadway Newsies." She smiled. "Ok" I said.

"Not to ruin the family reunion but they're about to do cake." Specs interjected. "Yea. We'll meet you guys out there." Broadway Jack said. "Thanks" Taylor replied. Jack and I looked at Taylor then at each other. "You guys should stay for the party. It'll be fun!" Taylor exclaimed. "I'll introduce you to the rest of the Broadway Newsies." She smiled. Jack and I looked at each other. "Sure" "Why not" We said. Jack grabbed Taylor's hand and we headed back to the party.

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