Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


12. Rehearsal

Katherine's POV

When we all got to the studio for rehearsal, the rest of the Newsies were already rehearsing. Taylor went to talk to Matt while we rehearsed. We ran through the songs again and again until we got them right.

While we were on break I saw Taylor busy sorting DVD's in the back so I walked over to her. "Hey Taylor" I smiled. She looked up at me. "Oh hey Katherine. Didn't see you there." she said. "It's ok. What are you doing?" I asked. "Matt had me sort these DVD's. I found some pretty good classics." She replied. "We should have a movie night one of these days then." I chuckled. "Really!? That would be amazing!" Taylor exclaimed. We continued talking about movies and which were our favorites. Jack called me over cuz we had to get back to rehearsal.

"Taylor do you want to be apart of this number?" I asked. "What number is it?" She replied. "The World Will Know" I said. "Are you sure Matt won't mind" Taylor questioned. "Positive. He loves you. We haven't had an intern that was this cool before." I replied. "Well I am amazing! But I'll just watch." She said. "Katherine! Come on" Jack waved to us. I grabbed Taylor's hand and we headed over to the stage.

Taylor's POV

Jack helped Katherine on stage while I sat down in the front and watched them practice. I smiled at the boys and wanted to sing along but couldn't be I didn't want to interrupt.

Then the song begun.

The World Will Know


Jack: Pulitzer and Hearst, they think we're nothin' Are we nothin'?

Newsies: No!

Jack: Pulitzer and Hearst, they think they got us. Do they got us?

Newsies: No!

Jack: Even though we ain't got hats or badges, we're a union just by sayin' so...And the world will know! What's it gonna take to stop the wagons? Are we ready?

Newsies: Yeah!

Jack: What's it gonna take to stop the scabbers? Can we do it?

Newsies: Yeah!

Jack: We'll do what we gotta do until we break the will of mighty Bill and Joe...

Newsies: And the world will know! And the Journal, too!

Jack and Davey: Mr. Hearst and Pulitzer, have we got news for you!

Newsies: See, the world don't know, but they're gonna pay.

Jack and Davey: 'Stead of hawk in' headlines we'll be makin' 'me today.

Newsies: And our ranks will grow

Crutchie: And we'll kick their rear!

Newsies: And the world will know that we've been here!


Jack: When the circulation bell starts ringing will we hear it?

Newsies: No!

Jack: What if the Delancys come out swinging, will we hear it?

Newsies: No! When you got a hundred voices singing who can hear the lousy whistle blow? And the world will know! That this ain't no game. That we got a ton of fruit and perfect aim. So they gave their word? Well it ain't worth beans! Now they're gonna see what "Stop the presses" really means. And the old will weep, and go back to sleep. Now we have no choice but to see it through...

Race: And we found our voice

Newsie: And I lost my shoe

Newsies: And the world will--Yeah!

Jack: Pulitzer may own the world, but he don't own us.

Newsies: Pulitzer may own the world, but he don't own us!

Jack: Pulitzer may crack the whip but he won't whip us.

Newsies: Pulitzer may crack the whip but he won't whip us! And the world will know we been keep in' score. Either they give us our rights or we gives them a war. We've been down too long, and we paid our dues.

Crutchie: And the things we do today will be tomorrow's news.

Newsies: And the die is cast, and the torch is passed, and the roar will rise, from the streets below, and our ranks will grow and grow and grow and so the world will feel the fire and finally know! Pulitzer may own the world, but he don't own us!

Jack: Pulitzer may own the world, but he don't own us!

Newsies: Pulitzer may crack the whip, but he won't whip us!

Jack: Pulitzer may crack the whip but he won't whip us!

Newsies: So the world says no? Well the kids do too. Try to walk all over us, we'll stomp all over you.

Crutchie: Can they kick us out? Take away our vote?

Newsies: Will we let them stuff this crock o' garbage down our throat? No! Everyday we wait, is a day we lose, and this ain't for fun, and it ain't for show, and we'll fight 'em toe to toe to toe and Joe your world will feel the fire and finally, finally know!

End of song

I stood up and applauded like any normal person would do then sat back down and continued watching. As the play was coming to an end, I was hoping there was more but there wasn't. I got up and went over to congratulate the cast.

"Omg! You guys were amazing" I hugged Jack, Race, Specs, and Katherine. "Thank you Taylor" Katherine smiled. "Our show is in a couple days" Race said. "Well I'll be there cheering you guys on" I smiled. "Thanks Taylor" Race smiled at me.

Race's POV

After rehearsal was over, the Newsies and I hung out for a bit until we were kicked out. We invited Taylor to Times Square but she couldn't come because she was working late. "We'll see you tomorrow then?" Jack asked Taylor. "Yea for sure" she replied. "Alright" Specs said. Jack, Crutchie, Specs, Katherine, Davey, and I all hugged her then left.

Once we were all outside, we walked down the street towards Times Square. Everyone was talking about our show and how it was gonna be amazing! Katherine looked over at me and was about to say something when I realized I forgot my coat and phone. I turned around and headed back to the studio.

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