Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


10. Meeting the Newsies

Crutchie's POV

"Newsies!" Matt called to us. We all stopped what we were doing and looked at Matt. "Hey Matt. Where were you?" " Jack asked. "The airport. I had to pick up my son." He replied. "Cool" Davey said. Then out of the blue, we heard someone cough. It sounded female. "Oh right sorry. Listen guys, I'd like you to meet our new intern, Taylor." Matt looked over at a girl with straight dirty blonde hair who wore a nice polo and khakis.

Taylor waved to us and we all jumped off stage and crowed her with hugs. "Welcome to Broadway Taylor." Specs shook her hand. "It's gonna be fun!" I exclaimed. "Thanks guys" Taylor smiled. "Your hair is so pretty." Katherine said. "Thank you Katherine." Taylor replied. Everyone was talking about how much fun Broadway is when Romeo called out, "Race your girlfriend is here!"

Race was backstage and immediately came out and saw us crowded around someone. “Guys why’d you wake me, I was having a nice dream.” He whined. “What about? Oysters.” Albert said. “What’s an oyster?” I asked. “It’s yer fancy clam with the poyle inside” I replied.

All of a sudden, Taylor laughed. “Best line ever!” She said. Everyone laughed and Race looked at us like maniacs. “Where is she?” Race asked. We parted ways to show Taylor. Race smiled at her and she smiled back.

Race's POV

"Taylor?" Matt asked. She looked at Matt. "Yea" "I'm busy all day so I won't be able to show you around NY." Matt replied. "But I'm pretty sure the boys wouldn't mind showing you around wouldn't they?" "Of course we will!" Jack said. "Yea definitely!" Race exclaimed. "Great! Well I have to get back to work. I hope you enjoy Broadway Taylor." Matt said. "Oh I will don't worry." Taylor said. Matt smiled then left.

Katherine, Jack, Crutchie, and Specs led Taylor on stage so she could meet the rest of the cast. Snyder and Pulitzer walked out to meet her but when Taylor saw Snyder, she went silent and backed away from him and ran into me.

I wanted to hold her hand and tell her it's ok and nothing's gonna happen but I didn't. I'm pretty sure she had a boyfriend but I didn't ask so I let it be for now.

Katherine's POV

As soon as we brought Taylor up on stage, my father and Snyder came out to meet her and Taylor went silent. I don't know why but she looked scared. She backed away from them and ran into Race.

Jack told me that Race liked Taylor ever since he saw her and it was adorable. They would be super cute together. Jack also told me that the boys would make fun of Race.

Anyway, it was quiet for a while until Jack said, "So Taylor, is Matt going to pay for your hotel?" "Idk" she replied. "Well if he didn't then you could stay with us." Jack said. "I'll ask Matt first" Taylor said. "Ok. Where's your hotel at?" Davey asked. Taylor took out a piece of paper with an address written on it and gave it to Davey. "That's near Race house." Davey said. "Really?" Taylor replied. Davey nodded and winked at Race. We all laughed and then had to get back to rehearsal.

Taylor's POV

The Newsies had to get back to rehearsal and I went to grab my things because I had to go to my hotel. "Alright, I won't keep you all from rehearsal. I have to drop my things off at my hotel anyway." I said. "Ok. It was nice meeting you Taylor." Katherine smiled and hugged me. "Maybe after rehearsal we can show you around town." Jack suggested. "That would be great! Thanks." I smiled. Everyone hugged me and then I left.

I know this will be a fun job. It's Broadway! I've already met the Newsies so I wonder what will be in store for me next. I walked to my hotel, checked in, and went to my room and waited until rehearsal was over.

I couldn't stop thinking about Race. He is amazing! I love everything about him. I could see us together. Wait. Am I starting to have feelings towards Race? He's a Broadway star and I doubt he'll like me back. But Taylor you have a boyfriend and you don't want to cheat on him. My brain and I were mentally talking to each other for a while until I heard on knock on the door.

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