Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


3. Davey I'm Home! (1992 Davey)

Davey's POV

Les and I were on the streets when Taylor saw us. She decided to take us in and give us a family. She's like our sister and has done so much for us. We love her for it.

Les and I were upstairs watching tv when Taylor came home. "Davey, Les. I'm home" Taylor called when she opened the door. Les got up from the bed and ran downstairs into Taylor's arms and I followed.

"Hey sis, how was school?" I asked. "Great! There was a rally at lunch today with a great performance." She replied. "Who performed?" I asked. "People from choir performed a song from Hairspray" she replied. "Nice!" I said. We continued talking until Les fell asleep.

Taylor's POV

Davey and I were talking about what happened at school today when Les fell asleep. It was getting late so Davey and I put Les to bed and then watched the original Newsies and continued talking for a few hours.

"Do you still keep in contact with the original Newsies Davey?" I asked. "Yea of course! Why wouldn't I?" Davey replied. "Just curious that's all." I said. "Oh ok" We continued watching the movie and we both rocked out to the songs. My favorites from the original are Carrying the Banner, Seize the Day, and Once and for all. We were having a great time until we fell asleep.

Davey and I were laying on the sofa. My head was on his chest and his arm was around my shoulders. We were passed out like rocks until my phone lit up. Mind you it is 2 AM so I didn't look at it until the next morning.

Davey's POV

Taylor and I were laying on the sofa. Her head on my chest and my arm around her shoulders. Taylor and I are super close as siblings which is great! I woke up to get some water bc I was thirsty. I got up from the couch and walked over to the kitchen for water. When I came back, Taylor was in the same position.

She's so adorable when she sleeps. I almost want to kiss her. "Whoa Davey! What are you thinking? Taylor's your sister not your girlfriend. Get it together." I thought. I walked back over to the couch and sat next to Taylor and fell asleep.

Les's POV

I woke up the next morning and came downstairs for breakfast when I found Davey and Taylor asleep on the couch. "Good morning lovebirds" I shouted. Taylor stirred and her eyes fluttered open. Davey was still asleep so Taylor got up and made me breakfast.

"What did you guys do after I went to bed?" I asked Taylor. "We just watched tv and talked then fell asleep." She replied. "What did you watch?" I asked. "The original Newsies" Taylor replied. "Sweet!" I said. Taylor and I ate breakfast and then I went and got ready for school.

Taylor's POV

I got up and made breakfast for Les then had him get ready for school. Davey was still asleep so I got dressed and went outside to get the mail. I came back in and looked through the mail. Most were for Davey, one was Les's progress report, none were for me.

I applied for an internship that's over summer and the ppl haven't emailed me yet. I walked back inside and went into the living room. Davey was eating breakfast and Les had already left for school.

"What's wrong Taylor?" Davey asked me as I sat down at he table. "You know the internship I applied for a few weeks ago that's over summer." I replied. "Yea why?" "The ppl haven't emailed back saying I got it." I frowned. "Taylor you'll get it don't worry. I believe in you." Davey smiled. "Thanks bro" I said and hugged him.

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