Working for the Newsies

Taylor Jacobs (yes Davey's sister) is just a normal girl with big dreams. She hopes that one day she'll make it on broadway.

Racetrack (Race) is a broadway star who loves the attention and has all the girls calling his name. The thing is he just wants to have a normal life.

What happens when their two worlds collide? Will Taylor finally get her wish to be on broadway? Will Race finally have a normal life?


23. Break It Up!!

Katherine’s POV

Taylor and I ran across the stage trying not to get hit to get Matt or Wyatt. “Have any of you seen Matt or Wyatt?” I asked one of the crew members. They pointed us towards the back. “Thank you” Taylor said.

We ran into Matt’s office and found him on his computer talking to his kids. “Dad, when are you coming home from touring?” One of his kids asked. “In a little while. Don’t worry.” He replied. Matt looked up at Taylor and I who were out of breath and crying. “Hey Dylan, I have to go. Tell your sister and mom hi for me. I love you.” Matt smiled. “Love you too dad.” Dylan said and hung up.

“What’s going on!” Matt exclaimed. “ a...fight.” I breathed heavy. “Come quick!” Taylor cried. Matt got up and followed us back to the stage.

The fight was going on and both Jack’s were at it. There were blood, cuts and bruises on everyone’s face. Our Davey, Crutchie and Race were punching Taylor’s brother. She was crying her eyes out wanting to stop it but she couldn’t.

“Newsies!” Matt shouted. Everyone stopped what they were doing and Taylor ran over to Davey but was stopped by Race. “What happened!?” Matt asked. “Well, Taylor’s friends came by to see Taylor but when they saw her, her ex got mad and started punching us and...” Crutchie began. “Stop. I want to hear from them.” Matt pointed to Taylor friends. “Sir, it’s not what it looks like.” They began. “I have a pretty good idea. You know this is a closed rehearsal right. Who let you in?” Matt asked. “I’m sorry sir. We didn’t know. I told Jack not to go in but..” Taylor’s brother started. “Who let you in?” Matt asked again. “No one. The door was open sir.” Taylor’s ex replied.

It was quiet for moment then Matt shouted, “Donny!” Donny came on stage and stood in front of Matt. “Why didn’t you put the sign out front that said closed rehearsal?” Matt asked. “I’m sorry sir I must have forgot.” Donny apologized. Matt patted Donny on the back and let him go.

“Anyway, how long are you two young men staying in New York?” Matt asked Taylor’s brother. “Well we weren’t planning on..” Taylor’s brother began. “Davey, calm down. We have nothing to do back home.” Taylor ex said and turned to Matt. “Sir, we can stay as long as needed.” “Great! I’d like to get to know you guys if you don’t mind.” Matt smiled. “Awesome!” Taylor’s ex smirked towards Taylor.

After Matt left everyone went back to work. Taylor stood in the middle of the stage glaring at her brother and ex until Race and Jack called her over. Soon everyone left the building.

Davey's POV(original)

Jack was super excited because he thought we could bug Taylor which wasn’t the plan at all. I’m happy for Taylor and what she accomplished. I just don’t want her to get even more mad than she already is at us.

"Are you out of your mind Jack!" I shouted. "What are you talking about?" He asked. "If you didn't like the idea of Taylor working on Broadway you should've just told her not to go. Now we're here and you're jealous of all the friends she's made and of her boyfriend." I yelled. "You're blaming me for being jealous? She told both of she was leaving. I'm sorry you didn't get a goodbye Davey but oh well. I didn't know she would cheat on me!!" Jack yelled back. We continued to fight until I heard the door open and saw a few of Taylor's friends walk in.

Crutchie's POV

Romeo, Albert and I walked into the building because we forgot to turn off the lights but we found Taylor's ex and brother fighting. "In sorry you didn't get a goodbye Davey but oh well. I didn't know Taylor would cheat on me!" We listened intently and were surprised.

"Hey!" Albert called to them. Davey saw us and stopped while Taylor's ex tripped and fell. We all busted up laughing then ran up to the stage. "What's going on here?" Romeo asked. "Jack believes Taylor is cheating on him with Race. I'm not mad but..." Davey leaned in and whispered to us. "I know Jack's my best friend but he's a jerk. I actually like Taylor and Race together." Davey winked. "Don't worry we do too." I smiled. "When Taylor showed up we didn't know she had a brother or boyfriend at the time but it's alright. You seem alright Davey." Romeo chuckled. "Thanks l. Taylor and I are super close. Idk why she wouldn't tell you guys but it's whatever." Davey said.

Taylor's ex slowly stood up and looked pissed off. What's wrong with your friend?" Albert asked. "He's pissed because of what he thinks Taylor did to him." Davey replied. "Damn." I said. "Yea" Davey said. "Well we're about to head downtown with a few of the other Newsies. Do you and your friend want to John us?" Romeo asked. "Sure" Davey replied then we all left.

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