Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


9. In Which We Learn There Is Always Hope

Pooh and Goat had been in their dungeon cell for six hours since they were thrown in and they were already feeling very cold, fed up and hungry. They were served lunch an hour ago. All there were offered were carrots, onions and lettuce – all mouldy. The only water that was offered to them was dirty water.

            For the first time in his life, though his tummy was still rumbling, Pooh didn’t feel like eating or drinking. The only thing he wanted to hear was that his friends were safe and sound.

            Then Pooh and Goat were visisted by the mean Jagular and his heffalumps and woozels behind him.

            “How’s it going, Jagular?” Goat asked.

            “Address me as ‘Your Majesty’ or things could get much worse!” the Jagular roared.

            “How could things get much worse than they are right now?” Goat asked.

The Jagular seemed to ignore that. “I’m here to let you know that your friends have escaped me.”

            “Oh, that’s good news, Your Majesty,” Pooh said.

            “Celebrate while you can because it won’t last forever,” the Jagular said. “Now they have escaped, the time has come to improve my army ten times than it is right now. I will get more heffalumps, more woozels, better weapons, better vehicles and better everything.”

            “Even a better personality?” Goat asked.

            The Jagular chuckled. “I like how you never lose your sense of humour. I shall be sorry when I have give you two the final punishment.”

            “Punishment?” Pooh gasped.

            “When are you going to give it to us?” Goat demanded.

            “Whenever I decide it will happen, not before or after,” the Jagular said. “Well, good night.”

            He and his soldiers walked out, leaving Pooh and Goat all alone.

            “Goat, what does he mean by final punishment?” Pooh asked.

            “Don’t worry, Pooh,” Goat said. “As long as we hope in ourselves and in our friends, the Jagular will be able to never defeat us and he will not give us his final punishment.”

            Pooh started to hope for the best as he looked at the sunset through the window.



It took the Forest Protection Rangers and their friends up to nightfall to reach land. Boomer and Pigeon checked that everyone was all right and the vials holding the Honey were okay.

            “I know a cave that we can take shelter in for the night,” Boomer said. “Then tomorrow we must get these to President Cat as soon as possible. Then we’ll work out how to save Pooh and Goat. Let’s go.”

            Everyone started to follow them except Piglet and Pigeon. Kanga and Roo hopped to them.

            “Come on, dears,” Kanga told them. “We must go.”

            “I c-c-can’t,” Piglet said. “I c-c-can’t he-help worrying about P-P-Pooh and Goat.”

            “I’m worried about letting Goat’s training go to waste,” Pigeon said. “I don’t know if I can help Boomer to help you guys or any of the free animals.”                

“But, Pigeon, you’ve already helped us a lot,” Roo told him. “You made sure that all of us were out of that tunnel and you trapped the heffalumps and woozels behind.”

“And no one needed to tell you to do that,” Boomer said. “You are one bright pigeon, Pigeon, and that is why we need you to be the second half of the leadership. What do you say?”

Pigeon’s spirit started to pluck up. He smiled. “All right. The sooner we do what Goat says, the sooner we can get Pooh and Goat freed.”
            “All right, everyone, let’s get to shelter to rest,” Boomer said.

Everyone reached the small, bright cave and everyone were finally able to rest and sleep, dreaming of being back in the Hundred Acre Wood with Pooh and Goat.



To Be Continued…

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