Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


8. In Which (Most Of) Our Heroes Escape

Little Roo couldn’t believe what was happening to him. His own home back in the Hundred Acre Wood was destroyed, his friends were taken away from him and now he was meeting his father for the first time only to discover that he had been working with the heffalumps and woozels. No, not even that. He was the commander-in-chief of the Jagular’s army.

            “Mama, why didn’t you tell me?” Roo asked.

            Kanga sighed again. “I’m sorry, dear. I didn’t tell you because I was trying to protect you.”

            “Protect me how?” Roo was so confused he didn’t know if he was having a nightmare in bed either at the One Rocky Mountain or the Hundred Acre Wood. He wished it was a nightmare wherever he was, but sadly it wasn’t.

            They were put into a small room all on their own. It was cold and had nothing but a wooden seat and three seats. Then the door opened and General Boomer walked in. He was the one who had them put into the room. He sat in the only seat left. They turned away from him.

            “Listen, I know this is hard to believe,” Boomer said, “but everything I did was to protect you two.”

            A heartbroken Kanga finally faced him. “Years ago, Goat told me that you were dead. You were his best apprentice and you were a wonderful father. Why did you join the enemy and never came back to us?”

            Boomer sighed sadly. “I wanted to go back to you guys more than anything, but I couldn’t.” He started to wipe the tears coming out of his eyes. “The night before I was coming back, I was kidnapped by heffalumps and I was brought to the Jagular himself. He made me into a target dummy to help train his soldiers. I resisted by fighting them back just to protect myself from harm. The Jagular was so impressed with what I did that he decided to make me his General. I didn’t want to, of course. But if I didn’t accept the job, he would only hurt me more and probably have me locked up or something like that. I would never get back to you guys. Besides, while I was with his army, I learnt about his ways more and I know how to bring him down.”

            Despite still having upset faces, Kanga and Roo finally faced him.



Kanga and Roo were soon rejoined the rest of their friends in the Jagular’s throne room. It was a beautiful massive room covered in dark green walls. The floor was covered up by a blue velvet carpet with a royal red rug sat on top of the carpet. At the far end was a large stony throne chair. It was guarded by a heffalump guard and a woozel guard.

            “How did it go seeing your Papa, Roo?” Pooh asked Roo. 

            “It was very upsetting,” Roo said. “I know why Mama never talked about him.”

            Behind the royal curtain, a black cloak appeared and sat on the throne. He took his hood off and everyone saw the Jagular’s face. His spooky green eyes and very sharp teeth made everyone shiver more than the cold air. He stormed out in his black robes and sat down on his throne.

            “Great job, you guys,” he said, clapping his paws together. “No one has ever stormed into my mansion and managed to get the Honey before you guys did.”
            “Thank you,” Pooh said.

            “Pooh, he doesn’t mean that as a compliment,” Goat told him.

            “Now, don’t be too hasty, Goat,” the Jagular said. “If you guys didn’t come in here, we wouldn’t know how to improve my empire’s security system and we wouldn’t have been able to find the ones who could stop our invasion.”

            “Who are they?” Pooh asked.

            “What are you going to do to us?” Rabbit demanded.

            “You’ll see,” the Jagular said. He nodded to his heffalump and woozel soldiers.

            Pooh and his friends wondered what their enemies were going to do to them. They saw nothing but executioner’s chopping blocks in front of them. Their heads were slammed onto them. They looked ahead to see a heffalump or woozel wearing executioners’ masks in front of each block.

            The Jagular stood up. “By the power vested in me, by the laws of the Jagular Empire, I sentence you all to die.” He turned to the executioners. “On my count. Three… Two… One…”

            But before he could lower his arm down to give the execution order, the Jagular was covered up by a bed sheet.

            The executors were trapped by a net.

            Pooh and his friends looked up to see General Boomer running towards them.

            “Why are you here?” Tigger demanded.

            “No, wait!” Roo cried. “It’s okay! He’s here to help us!”

            Rabbit scoffed. “And how are we supposed to believe that?”

            “Trust him!” Kanga cried. “He’s the one who trapped the Jagular and his henchmen so we can escape!”

            “Quick! Follow me to the way out!” Boomer cried. “I’ll explain everything later!”

            Pooh and his friends were unsure about trusting him. All they knew was that he could lead them into a trap.

            Then Goat saw their enemies getting free from their nets and bed sheets. “Follow him! Now!”

            They immediately ran out of the throne room.



They still didn’t trust Boomer as he led them down some dark, chilly stairs. But when they saw that he had taken them to an enormous cave with a big wooden dock with two wooden boats above a river of water, they started to warm up to him more.

            “Well done, my former apprentice,” Goat said, patting Boomer on the back.

            “Get into the boats quickly,” Boomer ordered. “Before the Jagular finds us.” He got in the first one and helped Kanga, Roo, Eeyore and Owl onto it.

            Pigeon got into the other boat and helped Rabbit, Tigger and Piglet into it. Pooh was about to board their boat when shouting stopped them.

            “The Jagular’s found us!” Goat cried. “Quick, get in the boat, Pooh. Everyone, get going. I will stay and distract them while you escape.”

            “What?” Pigeon cried. “Master, no! You need to lead us to end this war!”

            “And deliver these Honey samples to President Cat!” Boomer produced the vials filled of the Honey that Goat and Pigeon took. He stole them back from the heffalumps and woozels.

            “Get them to him as quick as you can,” Goat said. “Boomer, Pigeon, you have been trained by me to become Forest Protection Rangers. Do not let my training go to waste.” Then he turned back to see the entire army of heffalumps and woozels charging for him.

            Pooh still wasn’t in one of the boats yet. He noticed the boats were tied to their wooden posts. He went to untie both of them. He tried to get on the boat, but it wasn’t there. “Where did it go?”

            “Pooh, why did tie the cast off before you boarded?” Rabbit’s voice asked.

            Pooh looked up to see the boats floating away. He tried to jump into the water, but he was held by heffalumps guards. He was thrown with Goat in front of the Jagular. He looked at them and then back at his army. “Tell me they have the Honey samples.”

            “We only caught what we could, Your Majesty,” the Chief Woozel reported.

            The Jagular looked ahead and saw the rest of the friends of Pooh and Goat sail away. “Get after them!” he roared. “If they have the Honey samples, bring them to me!” Then he turned to Pooh and Goat. “And throw these two into the dungeon.”
            All Pooh and Goat could do was hope that their friends were successfully away.



“Can’t we go back for Pooh and Goat?” Piglet asked.

            “I’m sorry, Piglet,” Boomer said. “The only thing we can do for them is to continue this mission. Then we’ll come back to rescue them when we’ve won the war.”

            “Don’t you mean if we win the war?” Rabbit said. He pointed behind himself.

            Boomer looked behind and gasped. “Oh, no! The heffalumps and woozels are coming for us!”

            Everyone turned to see he was right. The heffalumps and woozels were catching up to them on speedboats.

            “Everyone, row as fast as you can!” Boomer ordered.

            No matter how hard or fast everyone rowed, the heffalumps and woozels were catching up to them.

            “Oh, I think I can see daylight ahead,” Owl said, looking ahead.

            Everyone looked ahead to see that he was correct.

            “Daylight ahead, enemies behind,” Eeyore pointed out.

            Everyone looked behind to see the heffalumps and woozels still gaining on them.

            Then Pigeon saw some things up above. They were the pikes of a metal gate. When he saw a control panel just below it, he had an idea. He quickly flew to it and pulled the lever down. He looked up to see the gate starting to fall down. He was glad it was working, but he noticed his enemies were still catching up to them.

            He quickly flew back to his friends in case their enemies caught up to them. But luckily they managed to escape them as the gate stopped them just in time. They were away.

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