Quest for Honey Part One: A Rebellion Begins

The Hundred Arce Wood is being invaded by Heffalumps and Woozels, driving Winnie the Pooh and his friends out of their homes. Seeking refugee in a lonely mountain, they discover there is only one thing that can stop the enemies: a magic power source called 'The Honey'. As they make their way to claim this power, so do their enemies...


1. In Which the Forest is in Trouble

Winnie the Pooh realised that his breakfast of honey on toast and honey pancakes was merely a dream. But he wasn’t disappointed; he always used his empty rumbling tummy to wake up and get out of bed. He went to his cupboard and got out five honey pots. Sitting at his table, he excitedly put his paw into one of the pots but felt nothing. Worried, he looked in and saw nothing in it at all. He checked the other honey pots on the table and they were just as empty as the first one. He checked the rest of the honey pots in his cupboard and found no better results that the ones on the table. Not a single one even had any stick honey bits left.

            Pooh was getting very worried until he heard the sound of a buzzing bee. He went to his kitchen window and looked through it. He saw a lot of bees around the flowers outside of his house. These were bee-friendly plants that his best friend Christopher Robin helped him plant.

            “These plants will encourage the bees to make their bee nests on the trees near your house, Pooh,” Christopher Robin told him.

            Pooh went outside and looked up to see that Christopher Robin’s plan had worked. The bees had made their nest just on the nearest tree. He was very happy. He could taste the honey before he started climbing. Even the very warm heat in the air couldn’t stop him.

            After he finished climbing up to the nest, Pooh checked that the bees were sleeping so he wouldn’t disturb them. After checking for ten seconds, he started to reach his paw in. He could actually feel the honey which delighted him. He quickly pulled it back out and was about to taste the delicious golden honey when – The tree started to shake.

            Pooh fell off but quickly caught the next branch. He tried to hold onto it as much as he could but the shaking went rougher as each second went by. He lost his grip and he began to fell down. Luckily, he managed to catch the lower branch but the shaking forced him to fall down and land in a hawthorn bush. He painfully crawled out of the bush as quick as he could.

            The rumbling had stopped and Pooh knew he immediately forgotten something. The honey trickling down his face helped him remember: honey on his head. He started to have his breakfast.

            Then he got pounced by Tigger. “Hello, Pooh. Are you up for a little bouncing? After that great shake? Though I must say it was pretty rough even for Tiggers.”

            Pooh was surprised. “So, you felt that very big shake, did you, Tigger?” As he tried to work out what it was, he was caught by little pink arms. He saw it was Piglet hugging him.

            “Oh, P-P-Pooh, di - did you feel the ground moan?” Piglet asked. “What’s wrong with it?”

            “I’m not sure, Piglet,” Pooh said. “I suppose that it’s just hungry.”

            Then the ground began to shake again.

            “How do we feed the ground?” Piglet asked.

            “I have no idea,” Tigger said.

            “Me neither,” Pooh said. Then he thought of seeking the advice of Rabbit who was not too far away. Piglet and Tigger agreed that was the best thing to do and made their way to their friend’s house.



While running to Rabbit’s house, Pooh, Piglet and Tigger stopped and saw Eeyore’s house had completely fallen down.

            “Do you suppose we should check that Eeyore’s house is not on top of Eeyore?” Pooh asked.

            His friends thought they should. They lifted the sticks up and couldn’t find any Eeyore underneath.

            “What are you three doing on top of my house?”

            “We’re just checking if you’re still stuck under your house, Eeyore,” Piglet said.

            Then the three turned around to see Eeyore approaching them.

            “Well, I don’t even have a home anymore,” the donkey moaned. “Thanks to that rumble.”

            Pooh suggested to Eeyore that he came with them to Rabbit to find out what was happening.

            “Well, I got nothing better to do,” the donkey said moodily. He followed his friends.



When Pooh, Piglet and Tigger arrived at Rabbit’s house, they discovered that the ground was shaking once more. They saw their long-eared friend was stressing over his carrots, broccoli, cauliflowers and tomatoes among his grown vegetables.

            When the rumbling stopped, Pooh and his friends approached Rabbit’s garden. “Hello, Rabbit. How are you doing?”

            Rabbit angrily dropped his vegetables to the ground and faced his friends. They could tell that he was more stressed than usual. “How am I doing? How am I doing? How do you think I’m doing with this earthquake and trying to gather the little food that’s not yet ready to eat?”

            “Earthquake?” Piglet asked.

            Rabbit sighed. “Just help me gather my vegetables and I’ll explain everything.”

            After ten minutes of gathering and storing the food into his home, Rabbit locked it… with everyone outside.

            “Why are we outside?” Piglet asked.

            “Because if this earthquake continues, it’s safer to be outside than inside buildings,” Rabbit told him. “We can’t get hurt that way.”

            “What is an earthquake, Rabbit?” Pooh asked.

            Rabbit tried to explain about how the plates under the Earth rubbing against each other that caused earthquakes, but his friends just got confused and wondered if these plates had honey on toast or jam sandwiches.

            “It’s not an earthquake.”

            They turned to see Owl landing next to them. Kanga and her son Roo in her pouch was behind him.

            “The rumblings are coming from machines,” Owl explained.

“Dangerous machines that are cutting up the trees and digging our land up,” Kanga said. “They’ve cut down our home down and Owl’s as well.”

Pooh and the rest of his friends were shocked and sad to hear that.

“I know how you feel,” Eeyore said.

“Who would want to do that?” Roo asked.

No one knew. And all they could see was trees falling in the far distance, but not who was cutting them down.

“It’s the heffalumps and woozles.”

Pooh and his friends turned to see a big goat wearing a long brown coat and a small wood pigeon wearing a blue jacket and hat standing outside Rabbit’s garden fence.

“They’re the ones attacking the forest,” the goat said. “You all must come with us now if you want to live.”

“Who are you guys?” Rabbit demanded.

“I’m Goat,” the goat said. “And this is my apprentice, Pigeon. We’re FP rangers.”

“FP?” Roo said.

“Forest Protection,” Goat explained. He showed a piece of gold with tall trees on it with the words ‘FP’ on it.

“Where did you get that piece of gold?” Owl asked. “Are you gold mine diggers as well?”

“No, this is my badge,” Goat told them. “This is proof that I am what I am and I’m a FP ranger.” He quickly put his badge away. “Now, come on. We must leave.”

“But why are the heffalumps and woozels doing this?” Roo asked.

“We don’t know exactly,” Pigeon said, “but all we know is that they are trying to build either a city or an empire but I don’t know why they’re doing that, either.”

“And we’ll never find out if we don’t get out of here now!” Goat snapped, pointing to the trees just outside of Rabbit’s garden. They were falling down like bowling pins and Pooh and his friends could see for the first time a squad of heffalumps, each holding a chainsaw. Behind them was a group of backhoes, each controlled by woozels. All of them were taking pride in what their cruel and evil deeds.

Pooh and his friends were all still and confused at what was happening to their home. But they didn’t know what they could do except Kanga who suggested that they should follow Goat and Pigeon away from Rabbit’s garden. As no one could think of a better idea, they did what she suggested.

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