Papillon Cover Store [Open]

A cover store for my lovelies <3

Note: Please read the rules BEFORE asking for a cover. I have all of my delivery info in there, as well as guidelines and other things <3


77. Kaleidoscope Cover?


Ok so I had trouble with this and I just ended up experimenting and it's not exactly what was asked but I thought I would just show you some of the experiments I did and you can tell me if you like any of them so I know whether I should scrap and start again or if there's a certain style that's cool but needs a few little changes. I used the same font for the album cover as I used for the single that I made you before, but it's super easy for me to change that if you want

Here is just a plain cover with the logo, title, and a simple background:



And here's me playing around with a few things:


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