Stable boy

Sylva is alone in the world. She lives in a manor with her mom but still her mom wants her to live on high society. She can't, not with having to marry Hash in a year or with her love of horses. Then she meets Jane. A girl hiding in her stables, together they start on a journey to freedom.


33. 33

I was seeing through a tunnel.  Even what I could see was not clear.  Sylva came up to me and and put her hand on me.  This would have normal sent fear spiralling through me.  This time it did not.  

“Sylva we need to go today,” I said.

“No we do not,” she argued.

Ug, did this girl have to counter everything.  I trusted her and enjoyed the nativeness but why so many questions!

“Yes we do, Hash was prowling today,” I countered.

A look of dread came over her face.  I held out my hand for her to tack.  Sylva pulled me to my feet.  I almost fell, Sylva caught me.  It was so annoying to have my balance off like this.


Once I was on Reble he took it slow with me.  The gait was gentle and smooth.  It brought the normal slow comfort.  I feel asleep on his back.  


When I woke we were under a tree.  I sat and cursed my throbbing head.  I needed strength, Sylva needed it.  After losing two people and having me like this, I had no clue how long she could go befor she just gave up and died in side.  It had happened to friends of mine before, it could not happen to Sylva.

“How are you?” asked Sylva.

Is it not obvious I thought to myself.  Out loud I said, “better”.

“Good cause we do not have water,” she answered.

My eyelids flickered.  Awake! I ordered myself.

“Did you not bring any?” I asked.

“No,” she answered.

I muttered a unflattering word.

“You need rest,” she said.

Then I understood that the only thing keeping this girl going is the fact that I might survive.

“How long have we been traveling?” I asked.

“A day,” she answered.

“Find the nearest manor,” I ordered.

“Why?” asked Sylva.

“So we can borrow water,” I answered.

“Oh,” she replied.

I needed to say more.  She needed to know that another person would not leave her.

“I will be here, I promise,” I said.

Sylva smiled, that was the last thing I saw till I woke again.

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