Everything had changed since the year 2028. Towns and cities were trashed. What happen to the people? They had to fight for their own lives. Had to scurry far away from the towns and wouldn't even dare step foot into the cities. That's where it all goes downhill. You step in the city but there's no way of coming out. Either you are dead or Trapped. Doesn't matter which one you've end yourselves in you've walked into the darkest depths of darkness. But who knows she might be the lucky one and leave the place unharmed. Unless she cross his path, then there's no way of getting away. Not even a glance. You can't escape him. No one can.

"It's not a dream, it's called Reality"

This one quote changed all of Dayana's thoughts every piece of every one of them. They all went down the waterfall where they could never be grasp again.

Go ahead and read this story if you wanna know what drastic change Dayana had in her life. Was it for the better or for the worst? You'll find out in "Trapped."


Author's note

Thank you to all my dear readers who took the liberty to read my stories. This means so much to me. Thank you.

39. Ch.37.2 |Trapped (h.s)


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Harry's POV:

Yelling. That's all I could do after leaving the kitchen. I've been in a frenzy, going up the stairs and yelling for everyone to wake up. Not caring if they were tired or not, this had to be done now. I could not be wasting time, they could do anything to her, and just thinking about it made me more angrier for not being more cautious of security. Making my way down the stairs after yelling "ballroom", I paced back and forth, ready to capture the fucking sniper that has overdone their stay in my home. Murmurs could be heard, pitter patter of feet descending the stairs and making their way to the room. They were confused, couldn't blame them, it's not like I call a meeting at 4 in the morning, every single day. As Zayn closed the door after the final girl came in, I sighed. What was I going to do, where could she be.

"You may all be wondering why I called you all up at 4 in the morning. Believe me when I say, I had not planned to be awake at this time, it was the contrary actually. Fuck... Dayana has gone missing." As the words left my lips, the murmurs had increased, and as I looked at her friends. They stood stunned, worried, and angry. Adriana who looked-ready to kill whoever took her-stepped forward and yelled. "Shut the fuck up!" And they did, they all stood silent, wide eyed. The rest of the girls and my trusted men walked and stood behind her. They all looked at me concerned and confused. Sighing she turned towards me with some nasty glare. "Now. Care to explain just how the fuck did she went missing." She spoke through gritted teeth.

Rubbing my hands against my face, I shook my head. Clearing my throat, I looked up at her. "I don't know, when I woke up she wasn't besides me anymore. I assumed she had gone to grab a glass of water, and when I walked down. I- I found her bracelet and a letter." The chatter began again, more intense this time, no doubt talking about her and why she was with me at this time, in my bed. But I gave a damn rats ass what they thought, Dayana means everything to me. 

She looked at me knowingly, but let it slide, she knew finding Dayana is far more important. "Did I not say to shut the fuck up, if I hear one more word or a sound, I will rip your tongue out. Understood. Good." Liam who stood to her right, spoke in her ear, which seem to calm her down and nod. "Okay, what's the plan?" The plan. Find her, get her, and kill Armando and those who took helped. But I knew we needed a better plan. "Let's talk in my office. The rest of you, go back to your rooms, and don't come out. I will have Blake and Asker escort you all back, and don't defy my orders, or I will see it you get punished for not following my orders. You may leave. Adriana, Stephanie, Mariza, Maria, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis follow me to my office." We all walked down the halls in silence towards my office. Upon reaching it, I opened the mahogany doors and stepped in with the both men and woman behind me. Walking to my seat in I sat down, gesturing for them to sit down on some chairs and couches. "First of all, I would like you all to read the letter. If you want to help you have to understand what's happening and who from under my roof is involved and has been helping Armando, in this and the first incident we've had." I reached into my sweatpants pocket and pulled out the crumbled letter I had picked up from the ground once I had read it, handing it to A, who reached forward and took it from my grasp and began reading it out loud. 

"My dear friend Harry, As you may have now suspected, but I'll go ahead and say it either way. Your lovely Dayana is with me. Don't worry much she's in good hands. Well hands that she should have been in at first. But if it wasn't for you sending out your guards she would have been with me since the beginning." As she read this, Liam stiffened and cursed under his breath. Furrowing my brows, I looked at him, who he was already looking at me with knowing eyes. Fuck. He was the one she was running from. I remember Liam coming in and saying he had found a girl that was about to be beaten up by some men but got there in time to prevent that from happening. Said he brought her here, which I was okay with, but I never asked him who she was, until now.

Zoning back into A, who was about to finish reading the letter. "You've been warned. With much love... Armando. Oh.. I fucking know who's been helping him. There's only one snake in this building who's had it for Dayana, since day one." A, spoke, through gritted teeth, crumbling the already wrinkly letter. Leaning forward, I looked at her dead in the eye. Before I could ask her who she knew this other person was, Blake, Asker and some other guards rushed into the room with another bracelet and letter in his hand. Standing up to me feet, I marched my way to them and took the items from them, dismissing them, I looked at them.

"Damary." A, spoke, standing from her chair and taking the letter from me and begin reading to us. "My love, if your reading this, than it means I've successfully left and have heard of Armando talking the whore from there. She had overdone her stay, can't blame them for taking her, they've done you and I a favor. You'll thank me later, believe me. Though, I've left you this note to tell you, that you may not forgive me for what I've done, but know I've done this because I love you. I've done this for the best, because with her in between us, you've forgotten about me and I can't have that happening, now can I. So I'll be waiting for you, you alone, you'll know where to find me, if you ever paid attention to where I loved to go when we went out. I'll meet you there in two weeks, if you don't arrive at 8 than, I wish you the best, but I know you'll live a hell of a life knowing you couldn't find her. Love you, Damary. " A, finished reading, cursing. 

"Well shit. Harry?" Zayn spoke. "Do you know where that place is?"

They all turned to glance at me, I stood there wide eyed, shit. Trying to recall all the places she liked to go, but came empty handed. All I remember was her loving to go to clothes shops, jewelry shops, makeup shops, and... yes that was it. She loved to go to this secluded restaurant where they sold Italian food. "Omertà" 

"Well aren't we fucked." Liam said. 

"What do you mean?" Maria asked him with furrowed brows, just as confused as I was. 

"That's a restaurant meant for people who are in the fucking mafia. You my friend stepped yourself in the cave of the lion." 

"So does that mean Damary has always been in the Mafia? Or is Armando the fucking lord or don?" Mariza asked.

"It could be either or both. But it may be a risky thing to do but from what we've heard, Damary wants Harry to go find her, but do you all actually believe she'll give him the hideout they have Dayana in. I don't think so." Stephanie spoke who sat on A's left. 

"She was right, for all we know they could ambush him there and kill him. You can't go alone." Louis said, shaking his head. 

"That's why we're going. We know she said to go alone, but what she doesn't know won't hurt. Right, so that's why he'll be driving wherever she said and we'll be a few feet away from him and he'll let them take him wherever they want to take him." A, spoke confidently. 

"You what!" Niall looked at her like she had lost her damn mind and I wasn't far off believing she had.

"You'll get trapped." She said with with a sly smirk. "It's only fair you get trapped, like the rest of us."

"How the fuck is that going to help. This is not a gam-"
"I fucking know. Listen, I know how Damary works, I've been around girls like her for so long, that I know what their true intentions are. Those women don't have brains, I can hands down say Armando had something to do with this meet up and just found it convenient that Damary has a thing for Harry. So what better way to get his hands on him in a place that has  people who won't stop them from ambushing him. That was their sole plan from the beginning, after Harry took Dayana in. Armando's been waiting to finish him and what better was then to have him in his den.  So once they bring him out we'll follow the car they put him in. Once they stop somewhere we'll ambush the vehicle and kill them and keep on driving towards their destination and pretend we're them. Once inside the place, the guys will take you, Harry inside and take him to Armando. You guys end him and we'll round it and figure out where they have her and once she's found we'll meet in the same van and leave and get back here and lock the fucking house down. Everybody with me?" A, spoke. It may seem like a risky plan, but if that got her back to us then I would risk anything. It was the only way we could get her, and I wasn't going to lose that chance. 

"Okay. Let's do it." I nodded my head in agreement as the rest replied with a 'we're in'.

"Okay. First thing is first." 

"What's that?"



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