My Last Day

This story is about a 17 year old girl who lost her virginity to a boy she loved. When she finds out that he bas been cheating on her she does not know what to do or say.


2. No one knows why

The next morning i got up about 3am trying to go through his phone, but he changed the password. 

"Shit, i hate you so much." I said as i look at him. He was so cute when he sleeps, but i had to know what was in his phone.

"ring..... ring"

I quickly put the phone done when he left it and layed back down. My eyes were still open and I watched as he answered the phone.

"hello... ya it's me. No I can't come over i'm with someone.... Yes I miss you."

When he said that I looked at him. His cheeks were red. Oh No. I got out of bed and stormed into the bath room. I heard him say I got to go. I heard him walk over to the door. 

"Babe, you ok?"

"Leave me alone you fucking cheater." I said as a tear ran down my cheek. Why is he doing this to me?

"Babe what did I do wrong?" He asked.

I fell asleep crying in the bathroom not wanting to come at all.





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