Skyward (Re-Write)

Zena, newly created from an explosion of fire that burned down a good bit of forest. Tries to discover who she is and why she is called a "Guardian". With god like powers she has to learn to control them or otherwise it would surely mean death. Not only to her, but to the people she has grown to love.


5. Chapter 5

Her eyes were wide as they saw them approach her and Zena knew that she was not just an ordinary girl. First it was her stark white hair and pale blue eyes. Next, and one of the most obvious things was her equally white thick wings that tried to curl around her in defense.

Zena remembered how Kai had told her that only Guardians were created with wings. No one else, not even hybrids could be born with wings and so that was always the easiest way to tell if someone was a Guardian or not.

So did this mean that this girl before them was a Guardian too? And how come they never knew about her? Guardians always had a way of making a big bang as they entered the world. How long had she been out here on her own and how did she learn to survive on her own too?

“Explain yourself, now.” Anil commanded with a growl. The girl’s lip began to quiver and her eyes started to water too.
    “Oh, nice going Anil. You made her cry.” Zena said with a slight shove to his shoulder.

“What? We don’t know this girl! She could have killed us!” Anil exclaimed, folding his arm over his chest and giving Zena an angry look.

“I don’t know if you have noticed or not,” Zena got up from behind him and gestured to the boomerang in the tree, “She is kind of stuck to the tree with that boomerang around her neck.” She pointed out. She approached the girl slowly and Anil reached out to stop her but she waved him away.

“Hi, I’m Zena. That is Anil over there. Do you have a name?” Zena cooed and smiled at the girl. If Kai had been as forceful with her as Anil was being with this girl, Zena would have probably cried too. The girl took a moment, looking to Anil and then to Zena.

“I’m Sneh.” She whispered.

“What?” Anil butted in.

“She said Sneh and I told you to leave this to me.” Zena warned with a bit of a hiss in her tone. Anil rolled his eyes at her and leaned his body against a nearby tree.

“Well, Sneh, how come you were following us?” Zena asked, trying to come across the best she could as nice even if she was ready to fight whatever was following them not even minutes before.

“I was travelling south from the mountains and I stumbled across your traps.” Sneh explained to them with a quiet voice.

Zena nodded, putting two and two together. “So you have been stealing the animals in our traps then?” She questioned.

Sneh’s eyes seemed to water again and she looked down at the ground, “Yes, I’m sorry. You can have them back if you want.” She apologized.

“Well we do want at least some of the food but we don’t want you to go without food either.” Anil spoke up suddenly. Zena would have snapped at him but he was right. They did need the food and no one wanted to listen to her or Kai complain about being hungry the rest of the trip. On the same note he was also right in saying that she needed some food too. They weren’t monsters, they would never starve someone just so that they could gain from it.

That being Zena also knew that being a Guardian meant you did not have to eat as normally as “regular” people. Tvorca had explained to her that if food was very scarce they could go almost a week and a half without food. If water was even more scarce they could almost a week without that. That being said, they could also eat as often as normal people if they wanted to, and with training as hard as they did some days they got hungrier quicker.

Sneh nodded as best as she could with a boomerang around her neck.

“Yes, I can give it back. But I stole it from you. Why would you let me have any of it?” She looked puzzled. Almost as if no one had treated her with any kindness like that before.

“Because you obviously stole it because you are hungry. You wouldn’t just take it for fun.” Anil assessed, “Plus we are not the type of people to not help if someone needs it.”

“If we let you go, you won’t take off or try to attack us will you?” Zena asked the girl. She shook her head.

“No, I won’t. I promise.”

Then, with a wave of his hand, Anil seemed to command the boomerang and dislodge it from the tree. Releasing the girl that it was holding. As she felt it leave she instinctively brought a hand to her neck to make sure no damage was done.  

“Alright, we should probably go back to our camp to sort this out.” Anil told both of them. He was right, Tvorca and Kai would no doubt be starting to get up and they were already gone way longer than they should be. They would begin to worry if they stayed out longer and didn’t check in. The girl’s eyes seemed to go wild, a mixture of fear and anger. In a flash her hand which was normally a pale turned to a muted blue as ice crystallized around it as her wings began to again wrap around her in defense.

“Zena.” Anil commanded and she knew what he meant. She moved quickly behind him and went into her own defensive stance. Her whole body wanted her to fight. To protect Anil the way Kai, him, and Tvorca protected her and each other. He was her family and she wanted to keep that family safe. She knew Anil would scold her though, she had never fought someone with a full power of a Guardian before except practicing with Kai. And he always went easy on her despite her asking him not to.

“Easy now Sneh. We are not here to hurt you.” Anil’s voice was calm, but also calculated. He was looking her over already, studying her movements and seeing where her weak points were in case she lunged.

“I am not going to anyone’s camp anymore!” Sneh shouted, clearly they had unearthed something much deeper within her. “You will have me outnumbered and I will have no chance to escape.” She concluded. Though she was in every way wrong in that assumption, Zena could understand why she was scared and where she was coming from.

“No it’s not like that at all.” Anil stayed calm and Zena admired how he could always stay collected in almost every situation.

“Then what is it if not that?” Snah questioned him.

“Our group has already woken up by now and I told them that Zena and I would check the traps and we have been gone way longer than we needed to be already.” Anil explained. She could tell Anil was annoyed that she wouldn’t believe him and also wanting to resolve this as quickly as possible. Being as protective as Kai and Tvorca were, they would not be as calm and nice to Sneh as Zena and Anil were being.

“Sneh, you can trust us. We were just as surprised seeing you as you were with us. If we were set on hurting you or outnumbering you we would have already done it.” Zena tried to explain reason to Sneh but Anil only shot her a look to keep quiet and stay on guard. He always told her that her innocence and caring towards others would get her hurt in the end.

“Well if you take me to your camp you could decide to outnumber me later on as a full team.” Sneh pointed out. She was smart, Zena noted. Being able to calculate a bad scenario quickly in a heated situation.

“Here, if this works for you we can meet back up here later. Right before the sun sets. I’ll meet you here.” Zena stated slowly and calmly.

“Zena.” Anil began with a warning in his voice and a tad of nervousness. He didn’t want her going alone no doubt and the fact that they didn’t know if she was planning on attacking them or not didn’t help.

“Fine. But only you.” Sneh agreed, “But if I see anyone else or if you try anything I won’t consider joining you and I will defend myself, got it?”

Zena nodded to her, “Got it.”

So she was considering joining them then. They had not even talked about joining or her coming into the group but she already knew that they were people that took in Guardians. She was almost as calculated at Anil.

Sneh looked at Zena for a moment, contemplating if even this shake to make the deal would be a trap. Zena gestured again for a handshake and Sneh let the snow melt away from her hand before approaching her. She moved towards her carefully and took her hand in Zena’s, shaking in agreement.

Damn. Zena thought. Her hand was still cold and it sent chills up and down her body and shivers into her bones. She wondered if her hands felt hotter than hell after using her powers too.

They both gave each other a silent nod and they both backed away from one another.

“Tonight then.” Sneh confirmed.

“I’ll be there.” Zena repeated.

Sneh nodded and turned away from them, taking out into the woods and disappearing behind the trees and brush.

“What the hell, Zena!” Anil shouted, once Sneh was out of earshot.

“I panicked okay! I didn’t want to see you get hurt!” Zena barked back at him.

He seemed to calm down a little more now at her caring for him, “So how are we going to meet up with her now?” He questioned her.

“I’ll have to go meet her, obviously.” Zena stated with an eyeroll. Here he went again, treating her like a child, like she had no way to protect herself at all.

“No way, you’re not ready for that.” Anil dismissed her.

“I have been training for almost a month now. I can handle myself.” Zena growled. She turned her back to him and let her wings unfold and spread out. He was still talking but she was in no mood to be hearing him. She didn’t care, she would prove to him one way or another that she could be an adult and protect herself. She was not a baby anymore. She gave a flap of her powerful wings and took off into the sky, dodging trees and branches as she made her way up to the sky and back towards their camp.

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