I'm don't letting people ruin my life. It's about time I say what I think.


1. February 27,2017 I am Sorry


After these last few days, I have realized that I've tried chasing you over and over again. And maybe I was in denial, not you. I was the one who broke you. I'm sorry for that. Bobo and I have talked and she thinks it's a stupid idea for me to leave because I've found you every time. She cried believe it or not.. sorry I told you I was leaving it's really selfish of me to do so..

can you forgive me? Please? I really need my best friend back.. no one could replace you and it's harder than it seems... it's the inevitable.. not possible...

Blake and I are fine we are just having arguments about you.. and as for that it's fine now.. honestly.. I'm so don't letting people get I the way of what makes me happy.



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