Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


22. the mask

Chapter 22 the mask

   Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Over the next few weeks the wearing of the mask had become synonymous with the band and at every gig more and more of the crowd were wearing them

   To my surprise, while walking down the high street after our last gig, I saw in several of the cafés and restaurants people wearing masks. Apparently, we had created a fad. I even noticed some of the girls were wearing bespoke masks.

   Thankfully the response to the mask was greeted on the internet by our fans with sympathy. It was quite an ordeal for Richard to talk about the acid attack on our live chat show, especially when one of the fans wanted him to go face naked and show the scaring beneath the mask.  

   Conner called an urgent meeting of everyone connected to the band.  We had a problem, Sammy our agent had heard from the event organisers that they were considering replacing us at their next few events. The reason given was they had been advised by the police that the local bike gang was pissed off with our fans and there could be trouble.

   Apparently, some boys, all wearing half masks similar to the ones Richard and our fans wore, were blaming the bikers for the acid attacks.

   The problem was I knew it had to be Chris who had witnessed the acid attack and had seen the gang’s colours. As he couldn’t identify the individual perpetrator, he and his friends were targeting everyone wearing the colours.


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