Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


19. Take off

Chapter 19 Take off

   Everyone at the next gathering in the garage studio noticed the new Richard and put it down to his solo performance at the event the previous evening but I knew better it was more to do with our new relationship.

   Conner informed us that Sam our agent had already been contacted by the organisers of last night’s event and they wanted us back this coming Saturday. Naturally it meant rehearsing a few more boyband hits like mad and finding another song for Richard to sing solo.

   Before we knew it, the band was getting booked every weekend and the event organisers were talking about giving us a contract.

   Thankfully the new Richard kept his distance from me while we rehearsed but afterwards when we were alone we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.  Our major problem was finding a bed. No way could we go to Richard’s Aunt’s place because he had not come out to his parents. Taking him back to my room in Mike’s mums house was not on unless we wanted everyone to find out about our close friendship. The only real alternative was going back to the room above the garage with all its risk of being discovered which to be honest I was not too happy about.

Fuck the noise of the car coming up the drive awoke me. Wide awake now I could see Richard lying on the bed beside me. We had fallen asleep after a tiring bout of sex.  No time to waste, I slapped Richards bare bottom hard which had the desired effect of waking him up. We dressed quickly and had just straitened the bed when I heard the front door being opened and the sound of voices, thankfully it was only my mum returning with grandma.

   Earlier on that Sunday morning mum had phoned giving me the all clear regarding dad being out playing golf. Naturally I contacted Richard who agreed to come home with me. On arrival mum told us she had to visit my grandma who apparently, was feeling unwell. Mum told us we’d have to make own lunch and to lock up when we left.

   At first, we played a couple of games on the computer then I sorted out my clothes for the week, leaving my dirty ones in the laundry room. While I did this Richard alone in my room discovered my stash of porn magazines. To my surprise he was more than interested in the ones that depicted both sexes fucking.  

   While thumbing through my porn magazines Richard asked, “Have you ever had sex with a girl or do you just look at pictures of the men while tossing off?”

  I just started laughing and replied, “To be honest I have an arrangement with a girl and yes we do it from time to time” The look of surprise on Richards face said it all.

   Mum realising, I must be still in the house because the alarm hadn’t been set, called out, “Hello Ian I’ve brought Grandma home with me.”  From the top of the stairs I shouted down “Hello Grandma I’ll be down in a second.”  Rushing to the bathroom I grabbed the toilet fresh air spray can and gave my room a good going over at the same time I doused both Richard and myself with the stuff just in case.

     When Richard and I eventually came downstairs I decided to get out as quickly as possible. It was late and dad could be returning anytime soon. Grandma was by then already in the kitchen and mum had just put the kettle on.

“Hello grandma sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, by the way this is my friend Richard. Mum I’ve left my week’s dirty washing in the laundry room. Sorry I have to fly, band rehearsal, see you again hopefully next Sunday.”

     Grandma grabbed my arm before I could escape and said, “Not so fast young man,” then looking over to mum she asked, “Joan what’s going on, why won’t Ian be around until next Sunday. I was looking forward to talking to him while I was staying here.”

     Before mum could answer I told Grandma the truth. “Dad has kicked me out of the house because I decided to take a gap year and so for the last few weeks I’ve been staying at a friend’s place and only coming home when mum gives me the all clear that dad’s out playing golf.”   

    Grandma blew a gasket and contacted my dad right away. Apparently, he had two phones one of which was for emergencies and never got switched off. To say the shit hit the fan after my statement was to put it mildly. By the time the conversation ended Dad was on his way back home and thankfully Richard and I were allowed to leave.


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