Ian's Story

factor X contestant and boy band member


20. Back again

Chapter 20 Back again.

   Wow waking up in bed in my own room once again felt amazing. Whatever grandma had said to dad had done the trick. However, he had informed me there would be no reinstatement of my monthly allowance until I started university. Thankfully this was no big deal as I had two paying jobs.

    I was still in bed drifting off to sleep again when Richard arrived. Apparently, mum was just leaving with grandma and had let him in. So, he had come upstairs unannounced to my room. The first thing I knew of his presence was when he slipped naked under the covers.

    Downstairs after our shared shower and then breakfast we started rehearsing Richards new number. I must admit it felt good after so many weeks away to be once again playing the piano. “Wow!” Richard exclaimed, “I didn’t know you could played the piano.”  “Yes, well my voice is easier to carry around than a piano.”

    We had been so wrapped up in our rehearsal that it was only when grandma started clapping that I became aware that she and mum had returned home.

    Grandma asked if I would play the music again and joined Richard in singing the song. In fact, it sounded so good that when I played back the recording it gave me an idea.  

   It took some doing but eventually Sam our agent arranged with the organisers to broadcast our gigs live on the internet. Naturally the fans would have to pay a subscription to receive the performance. Within a few weeks our base of a few hundred fans doubled, then tripled. Soon we were coining it. At the same time, we still carried on with our daily chat show for free but naturally we plugged the performance gig at every opportunity.

  It amazes me how life can be so fickle, band wise things were going so well yet personally, even though I had my room back everything else was sucks. At our last gig, I had seen this really cute looking boy with red hair slip Richard a note and later had observed Richard giving him a nod and a smile. 

   “Fuck it” I thought when Richard told me he was helping his aunt that evening and so couldn't sleep over after the gig I suspected it was a lie and he was really seeing the red-haired boy.

   It must have been around four o’clock in the morning when I was awoken by my pad announcing that I had a phone call.

    I felt sick when I saw poor Richard lying there in the hospital bed one side of his beautiful face and neck looked a mess. According to his friend the red-haired boy, whose name was Chris they had been walking along when some bugger on a motorbike had grabbed Richards smartphone that he had been using and then thrown acid in his face as he rode away.

    Thankfully the car that responded to the 999-call had a five-litre bottle of water and a policeman pored it over his face. Unfortunately, the damage had been done and Richard was no longer the pretty boy he once was.



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