The Misunderstood Hufflepuff

Just. Kind. Loyal. Social. Hufflepuffs are all of these things. But there was the one Hufflepuff. The one who wanted to get into Ravenclaw. The one who never went outside her dorm except to go to classes, but stayed silent. The one who stole food from the kitchen and her best friends were House Elves. The one who was discovered by the Weasley twins. The one who's name was Amber Pine, who was called the Misunderstood Hufflepuff by everyone, always.


5. Chapter 5

  Oh crud. Here I am at a few minutes to nine in the morning, getting scared out of my wits by a couple of mischievous boys. The identical, redheaded, brown eyed, freckle faced twins named Fred and George Weasley were walking towards me, the shy Amber Pine, in the back of Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

 They sat down on either side of me, slinging their bags onto the desk. George peered at me and said, "Well, well, well!"

    Fred peered at me identically and said, "Look who we have here!"

 "Little Amber Pine-"

 "who kicked us out of her compartment-"

 "and became a shy little Hufflepuff-"

 "actually showed up to her lessons!"

In unison they said, "Wow!"

 I could feel my blush growing in colour rapidly. Oh crud, oh crud, oh crud. Fred turned away for a moment and shouted, "Lee! Come over here and sit with us!"

  The black-coloured boy with even blacker dreadlocks came over and sat down by Fred. George said, "Amber, this is our friend Lee Jordan. Lee, this is a shy little Hufflepuff we met on the train named Amber Pine. As you can see by the colour of her face, she doesn't want anything to do with us."

 Lee held out his hand and said, "Nice to meet you, shy little Hufflepuff who doesn't want anything to do with mischievous Gryffindors named Amber Pine! Just FYI, I am a ladies man, so if I ask you out in the future, don't take it personally, unless I turn other women down and ask you out."

  I stared at his hand, blushing harder than before. He reached out to take my hand, but I grabbed my wand instead. He stared at my wand now and said, "Oh ho! Now little miss Hufflepuff is getting feisty! Like it!"

 I raised my wand higher. Not today, not tomorrow, not this week. I am not going to deal with this. I could feel all of the rage and anxiety from the last couple days, the people asking me to be my friend, people staring, the girls laughing behind my back, everything rising up, but it wasn't enough to come out in more than a whisper. "You boys can make fun of me all I want for being shy. As you can see, I can't make good impressions. There is a reason," my voice got louder as I went on, "I do not trust people. There is a reason I don't make friends. And there is a reason," I was shouting now, and people were looking at me as I stood, "I don't like talking, or being out in public, or people who START ASKING ABOUT THINGS THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND! YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND! There is a reason I am like this, and I'm not going to deal with this today."

  I could feel the blood pumping through my veins starting to slow. The people around me were speechless. All the anxiety came flooding back. I closed my eyes, grabbed my bag, scribbled a note on a slip of parchment, slammed it on the professor's desk, and walked back down the isle. I turned to the boys and said, "The Professor will know where I am. Maybe you should think before you speak. I probably won't see you for a while, which might actually be a good thing." I walked out the door, thinking about what just happened.

 There were very few people in the halls now, the occasional runner that was late for class. I pulled one over and asked for instructions to get to the Hospital Wing, and the Ravenclaw gave them to me gladly. I walked in the direction of the big double doors. I opened them quietly. I saw Poppy (Madam Pomfrey; my family is close to the Pomfreys) bustling around in the corner. I whispered, "Poppy!" 

   She turned around and smiled. "Amber! So good to see you. What can I do for you? Did you have another.... attack?" I nodded and she came over quickly. She led me towards a bed and sat me down, bustling back over to the corner to fetch a potion (like I said, we are close for....reasons). The purple potion she had set in my hand was ice cold, just like usual. She nodded and said, "Now remember, Amber. You go to your common room, take that with water, and do some of your hobbies for the class period. I will inform the Headmaster of this, as he already knows the conditions, and I'll tell the Defense professor about it. Good-bye!" 

 Poppy waved me off, going into her office to tend to whatever a matron has to do. I walked out, first towards the basement, but then rearing around a corner. I stepped quietly behind a shiny knight in armor to take my water bottle out and drink the potion. Disgusting. I flipped the cap back onto my bottle before walking outside, past the courtyard, down towards Hagrid's hut. I needed some wood.

  I saw him in his garden, planting what looked like seeds. When he saw me he said, "Amber! Wha' a surprise! Wha' can I do fer ya?"

 I said, "I need wood. Do you know where I can get some?"

    He put down his giant bag of seeds and said, "Now wha' on earth do ya need wood fer?"

  I bit my lip. "I craft.....items out of wood, so I need wood."

    Hagrid laughed. "Of course, Amber. Do ya want magical wood or just regular wood?"

  I could feel my eyebrows knit together. "Magical wood? What's the difference?"

    He said, "Magical wood has magical properties. Dependin' on the wood, it can change the temp, shape, ya know. I gotta small grove in the Forbidden Forrest of temp changin' trees, so when yer hot it can cool the seat, let's say as a chair, and the other way 'round."

 "Can I just get some normal wood, then?"

    He lumbered over to a barrel by his hut and grabbed a gigantic axe. "Yep. Follow me."

 I had to partially jog to keep up with Hagrid's few long strides. He swung his lantern around, and it cut though some vines. We came up to a few trees that Hagrid randomly picked, swinging his axe into one of them. That one swing made the tree crash to the ground. He passed the giant lantern to me wordlessly, then grabbed the huge trunk with his two trash lid sized hands and slung it onto his shoulder, holding it from the back.

  He pulled the trunk, grunting from the weight. The tree looked roughly twenty feet long and it was about ten feet around. I ran to keep up, going out of the Forrest to the front of his hut. He swung the axe again, splitting it through the middle in one swing again. He split them into about five foot intervals. He wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and said, "Do ya want me to carry one to yer common room so ya don't have ta do it yerself?" I nodded.

He picked one of them up with great ease and started to go off towards the castle, going past the courtyard and down towards the basement. He set it outside on its side and faced me. "Well, there ya go, Amber. When ya need some more ya can jus' come done and ask. I'll see ya later, then!" I gave a small wave as he went past me and up the stairs.

 I carefully rolled it into the common room, through the tunnel, and into the bedroom. I pulled my carving knife case off the shelf and laid it down on the bed, rolling it out (it was kinda like a yoga mat with holders) and grabbing my tape measure. This lump of wood would make a perfect circular table. Once I scribbled the measurements down into my woodworking notebook, I grabbed my wand.

   My dad was a magical carpenter before it became his hobby and he got an office job at the Ministry. Before I came to Hogwarts he showed me how to put woodworking enchantments on your knives and how to draw figures on the wood for the knife to follow. After I re-charmed my knives and drew swirly lines on the wood (which glowed red), I grabbed my biggest knife and put it right on the line. 

 With all of my strength, I plunged my knife into the hard wood. The enchantments had made the wood not as hard as regular wood, just as hard as hot clay. I swirled my knife, cutting out the swirls and badgers (this is how devoted I am to Hufflepuff art). After about ten minutes of cutting with my huge knife (now you could actually see the legs of the circular table), I grabbed my smallest knife and started to cut the tiny details, like the faces on the badgers, careful flower petals, woodland creatures, etcetera.

 I checked my watch. It was almost time for Herbology. I put the finishing touch on the table (little hooves on a couple of fawns), grabbed my Herbology books and dragon hide gloves, shoving them in my bag, and I rolled the table out into the common room, replacing one of the cruddiest tables in there. Then I realized as I was running through the halls: I could just re-carve all of the cruddy tables. I didn't need all of these other pieces of wood; I could just take the terrible pieces of wood that they use as tables/chairs/couch frames and carve them.

   My watch read 10:40. I ran down past the courtyard, towards the greenhouses I'd seen when I went down to Hagrid's hut. A bunch of other Hufflepuffs were going down, and also some Slytherins. I turned around to see if anyone else was behind me. Karley came running, her hair trailing behind her. "Geez! It took me a bit to find out where the greenhouses were! We haven't formally met, though. I'm Karley," she said, sticking out her hand. "I know that you're shy, and I know that you probably don't want to talk to me, but I just want to make sure that we're not on bad terms for any reason." She smiled, so I couldn't refuse.

  We shook hands and kept walking towards the greenhouses. Karley pulled her bag out and rifled through it. She held her hand out to me, in which was a chocolate frog box. "Do you want some?" she asked. "I have extras, and I didn't see you at breakfast." I shook my head, looking towards the greenhouses. I saw Professor Sprout, the Herbology teacher, bumbling over to the first greenhouse, carrying a few pots in one arm and a bowl full of egg-like plant bulbs in the other. Herbology class seemed interesting. Maybe something good will happen...

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