The Misunderstood Hufflepuff

Just. Kind. Loyal. Social. Hufflepuffs are all of these things. But there was the one Hufflepuff. The one who wanted to get into Ravenclaw. The one who never went outside her dorm except to go to classes, but stayed silent. The one who stole food from the kitchen and her best friends were House Elves. The one who was discovered by the Weasley twins. The one who's name was Amber Pine, who was called the Misunderstood Hufflepuff by everyone, always.


4. Chapter 4

 I woke up in the morning, really early. I didn't want to have to deal with the other girls, not this morning. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, dried my hair with my wand, pulled on my robes (I winced at the Hufflepuff colors; it still didn't sit well with me), grabbed my shoes, put my hair in a ponytail, put my wand in my robes, and went outinto the common room to scope out things to fix. 

   When I went out to the common room, pale sunlight streaming through the window, wavy grass and dandelions dancing outside the window. The floating candles were extinguished, floating weakly out of reach. I made a mental note to make new candles and better window designs. There were very few paintings, so I made another note to paint some badgers. The tables and chairs were crudely made out of wood, so I made my last note to make better tables and chairs.

 Then I saw the older Hufflepuff Prefect reading a book in the corner. She smiled and waved me over. I reluctantly walked over and she said, "I saw you yesterday and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Whitney. Did you have any questions about the Hufflepuff house, the school, the kitchens, anything?"

I was confused. Kitchens? I said, "What kitchens?"

 Whitney smiled and said, "You know the big painting across from the barrels?" I nodded. "If you tickle the pear, a green doorknob appears, and that's the entrance to the kitchens. You can get food, hot chocolate, talk to the house elves, and by the look of tiredness in your eyes, you could use some coffee."

   I quickly said, "Thanks!" and rushed out of the common room door, over to the giant fruit painting. I looked at the pear and studied it for a moment, but then I reached up and tickled the pear gently. It giggled and squirmed until it turned into a green doorknob. I pulled it open and gasped in utter awe. A wave of house elves came over, talking and asking if I wanted anything. I said, "Hi, do you have any breakfast?" 

 They all ran away, going to fetch food, so I walked around. The kitchen was bigger than the Great Hall, and the four house tables and the teacher table were in the same spots, right under the ones above. House elves were quickly placing hot foods on the table to be transported there at breakfast time. Four house elves came over carrying platters filled with crumpets, eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, waffles, milk, and hot chocolate. They led me over to a small table close to a fireplace. 

   They started to bow to leave, but I quickly interjected, "Can one of you stay to me?" They all looked back and forth, wondering what to do, but in the end they pushed one female house elf that was wearing a pillowcase forward. 

 She trembled and sat down by me. She said, "Why has small Mistress asked to see Staree? Do you needs something?"

   I took a bite of buttered toast and quickly swallowed. "No, I just wanted to have someone to talk to. So, what do you guys do here?"

 As I wolfed down the pancakes with milk, Staree trembled for a moment before relaxing. "We cooks the foods, miss! And we cleans the plates and washes all of them!"

   I coughed momentarily before saying, "Staree, you can just call me Amber. So you guys cook everything for the feasts?"

 "Yes, Miss Amber! All of the foods and drinks! Why has you comes down here this morning before we send the foods up?"

I swallowed a big gulp of hot chocolate too quickly. I coughed, sputtering for a second. "I don't...exactly make friends well, so I just came here." I shoved a crumpet into my mouth and swallowed some hot chocolate along with it. I checked my watch, which read 8:40. I decided to leave so I could get to classes on time. "I gotta go to my classes. I'll probably come back around one o'clock if that's fine."

  Staree bowed and said, "Yes Miss Amber! You can come back any times! I will see you laters Miss!" I quickly went towards the door, hoping not to be late to get my timetable, come back down to grab my books and bag, and to get to class quickly.

 I ran up the stairs, following a group of Hufflepuffs that were going to the Great Hall for a last minute breakfast. I recognized Professor Sprout from the feast the night before. She came over to me and said, "Oh there you are, Amber! I was looking for you!" She passed me a scribbled on piece of parchment. "Here is your timetable, and have a great day! I will see you in Herbology!"

  She went away, going to give more timetables to other students. I quickly went back down to the Hufflepuff common room and through the tunnels to the dorms. I glanced at my timetable before I started to shove stuff in my bag

             Monday         Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday         Friday

  9:00~  DADA       Transfiguration      Charms              Potions          Spare

10:30~   Break             Break               Break                 Break             Break

10:45~ Herbology       DADA         History of Magic      DADA            Spare

11:30~   Spare          Herbology          Spare         History of Magic    Flying

  1:00~   Lunch            Lunch              Lunch                 Lunch            Lunch

  2:00~Transfiguration  Spare              Spare                 Spare             Spare

  2:45~   Charms          Spare              Spare                 Spare             Spare

  3:30~    Spare         Astronomy         Spare                 Spare             Spare

  4:15~   Dinner            Dinner            Dinner                Dinner            Dinner

  6:15~    Spare            Spare              Spare                 Spare             Spare

  7:45~    Spare            Spare              Spare                 Spare          Astronomy

  8:30~    Spare            Spare              Spare                 Spare             Spare

 I shoved my required books into the bottom of my bag: The Standard Book of Spells, The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi, and A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration. I grabbed multiple quills, rolls of parchment, my dragon hide gloves, and two inkwells.

   I checked my watch, and it read 8:50. I quickly ran out of the dormitory, out of the common room, through the hall, past the kitchen. I went past a few others trying to get to class last minute. I sucked in my anxiety and tapped an older Hufflepuff on the shoulder. "Excuse me? Where's the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom?"

 She turned around and said, "Oh! You're a first year. Two doors down on your left." She pointed to the other direction.

  As I ran towards the door, I shouted, "Thanks!"

I ran in, seeing a few faces looking at my winded appearance. I blushed profusely, sitting alone in the back seat. I looked up to see (to my surprise) that Fred and George Weasley were sitting two seats ahead of me. I wondered if they'd noticed me. Just when I thought that, George looked back, then poked Fred. They turned around and looked at me before grabbing their bags, and starting to walk toward me.

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