The Misunderstood Hufflepuff

Just. Kind. Loyal. Social. Hufflepuffs are all of these things. But there was the one Hufflepuff. The one who wanted to get into Ravenclaw. The one who never went outside her dorm except to go to classes, but stayed silent. The one who stole food from the kitchen and her best friends were House Elves. The one who was discovered by the Weasley twins. The one who's name was Amber Pine, who was called the Misunderstood Hufflepuff by everyone, always.


1. Chapter 1

September 1st, 1989

I ran into the compartment, locking the door, pulling the curtains shut on the door and the large window. I wasn't a social butterfly. I don't have friends. I never have, and so far, I don't think I will. C'mon, I'm the one sitting here, in a locked compartment, pulling my really long brown hair into a messy bun atop my head, sticking my wand in it to hold it together.

  I grabbed my trunk, which was on the floor, and slung it onto the seat across from me. My trunk has a lot of locks, latches, and even a keypad. I wore a necklace that had seven keys on it and three lockets. I took it off and slipped the keys in and twisted and turned until seven of the enforcements were down. Let's just say I have trust issues. Yea, we'll go with that. I opened the first locket and got the tiny key out that locked down all of the latches (it was a long lock). Undone, then I flipped all of the latches up and opened one of the last lockets. Inside was a piece of paper that was folded small enough to fit; it read 62442. I punched in the numbers and opened my trunk.

  All of my things were carefully placed in their separate compartments (which I had crafted; I have a flare for the old arts: woodwork, painting, candle making, calligraphy) made of wood. I grabbed one of my many doodling notebooks and a pencil (you wouldn't think Muggle objects would be so useful; quill are very useless for doodling), and I sat down on my seat, starting to scribble an eagle with a Ravenclaw scarf. I valued all of the House traits, yes, but I thought I most fit into Ravenclaw.

 Someone knocked on the door. I jumped; I'd been used to the silence for the past twenty minutes. I set my notebook and pencil down quietly and peeked out the window, pushing the curtain aside slightly. It was the trolley lady. I grabbed a few Galleons from my money sack and slid my door open. "Hello dear. Anything off the trolley?" I silently gave her the Galleons and took a few boxes of Ice Mice, then I shut the door quickly and locking it.

 But then someone else knocked. I peeked through the curtains again, kind of annoyed at the trolley lady, but I saw that it was two redheaded boys. They pounded louder on the door and started to snicker and laugh. I groaned. Why do boys have to be such idiots? I was tempted to let them in, but first I had to close my trunk. I took my robes out (I wasn't going to open my trunk again, so) and put my notebook and pencil back in. Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, beep, and my enforcements were back up. I cautiously pushed my doors ajar, just a crack.

    One of the redheads started to talk. "Hello. We need to ask you a question."

  I rolled my eyes. "And?"

    The other one said, "Can we come into your compartment for a moment? At the time we are running from our two older brothers!"

  From down the hallway I heard shouts. "Fred and George Weasley! Get back here right now!"

     Before I could answer, they said in unison, "Thanks!" They pushed past me into my compartment and locked the door. I blushed really hard and sat down, pulling my trunk into my lap and clutching one of my lockets that hung around my neck tightly. One of them pulled the curtains shut and both of them flopped down onto the other seat after tossing their trunks onto the overhead racks. 

  They both stuck out their hands and the one on the right said, "My name is Fred-"

  And the other one on the left said, "and my name is George!"

   They gestured to their outstretched hands. I shyly pulled my knees to my chest and looked away, trying not to make friends. They could break my promises or trust. George got up, put my trunk on the floor, sat down next to me and said, "Okay, this isn't working. You obviously don't seem to or want to go along with social rules. Okay, let's try this again. My name is George Weasley, and that is my brother Fred Weasley. We would like to be friends with you. You can shake my hand if you'd like," he held out his hand, ", but you don't have to. Please tell me your name."

  I looked back and forth between Fred and George, wondering if I should shake their hands. I reluctantly shook George's hand, then Fred's, but then I looked away. I don't like this. Remember the promise and trust thing I said earlier? Yea, I don't want that to happen. Back to this. The twins were staring me down, but I kept looking away. 

  Fred looked me up and down. One of my hands was wrapped around my legs, keeping them tight, and my other one was clutching one of my lockets so tight my knuckles were white. My hair in a messy bun, my sweater ruffled, my shoes untied. I was a mess. He said, "Why are you grasping at your necklace? And why are there so many keys and lockets?"

   George looked at my trunk and grabbed it, putting it into his lap. "Freddie, those keys must be for this trunk." He turned to me. "Do you have trust issues and shyness, girl that won't disclose her name to us?"

 I slowly nodded. What I started to see was that Fred and George noticed the smallest details, and seemed to remember even the slightest movement or word. Why is it that sometimes the cutest boys notice me, even though I don't want that. Unlike a majority of the other female population, I haven't gotten a 'crush', yet. 

    George continued, "I will make a deal with you. We," he looked to Fred, who nodded, "will make a deal with you. If you tell us your name, we will leave. It is obvious that we are making you unconformable, so we will leave. Accepted?" He formally held out his hand. I carefully slid my small pale hand into his big, strong one. He shook it carefully, like he was trying not to crush it.

   I took my hand off my locket and off my leg and stood up. I crossed my arms and opened the compartment's doors. I said, "My name is Amber Pine, and you will now get out of my compartment."



Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns the Wizarding World and anything you recognize. So far I only own Amber.


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