Character Charts

Various amount of characters from many different species. Characters can be used by more that creators, but their names must be changed and credit given to the character creators.


4. Jona (The Hunted)

Name - Jona

   Surname - N/A

     Age - 17

     Birth Date - N/A

     Gender - Male

     Hair Color - Dark Brown

     Eye Color - Green with barely noticeable orange specks

     Height - 5' 10''

     Weight - 158 Lbs

     Species - Hunter Crossbreed

     Realm - N/A

     Pack - Dragon Scale

     Pack Rank - Hunter

     Partner(s) - Filtiarn, Aditi, Adilya

     Personality - Serius, Prepared, Protective, Strong Willed, Thick headed, Deadly Temper, Quick Witted, Loyal

     Important fact: He was born with the ability to shift, but with the Pheonix mark he can turn into anything and still has the powers of his father hunter division


  Mother - Imorine

     Age -Unknown

    Species - Werewolf

    Pack Rank - Alpha

    Status - Alive

  Father - Bledig

     Age - Unknown

     Species - Supernatural Hunter

     Rank - Pheonix Marked

     Status - Alive

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