Character Charts

Various amount of characters from many different species. Characters can be used by more that creators, but their names must be changed and credit given to the character creators.


13. Claire Druuhialu (A Wolfish Christmas)

Name - Claire Druuhialu

   Alternate Name - Burumun Druuhialu

     Age - 17

     Birth Date - November 25th

     Gender - Female

     Hair Color - Brown

     Eye Color - Grey

     Height - 5' 4''

     Weight - 106 lbs

     Species - Werewolf

     Realm - Esten

     Pack - Blue Moon

     Pack Rank - Lead Warrior

     Partner(s) - Kuro and Tempestas

     Personality - Strong Willed, Suborn, Self Reliant, Hates Help, Doesn't Back Down, Sticks To Her Mind, Head Strong, Tough, Feisty, Shy, and Patient

     Important fact: Born without the knowledge of the supernatural world, chosen to be next moon goddess, trained with the Wolves of the Moon, has sibling powers to the god of darkness.


  Mother - Athene Wilhelmina

     Age - 36

    Species - Werewolf

    Pack Rank - Alpha's Mate

    Status - Alive

  Father - Alex Wilhelmina

     Age - 38

     Species - Werewolf

     Pack Rank - Alpha

     Status - Alive

  Step Father- Zarqos Druuhialu

     Age - 47

     Species - Hunter

     Rank - General

     Status - Diciest

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