Operation Ink

Zane the son of ink is wanting to protect all aus from his sister Shara daughter of error sans and now he's having second thoughts being the kings to go guy


6. Snowden

The man tries to blast them but they move out of the way as kilo dose that he shoots at him a tail comes from the man's back and blocks it  ilanna:(eyes flash on and off) kilo it's happening kilo: really now (shoots) ilanna: (eyes turn red) hehehe ha ha ha ha ha WANNA PLAY? It looks as if she was teleporting closer to the man and she raised her knife and then it turned to a buster sword and she tried to slash him but he blocked with he tail and blasted ilanna she fell back but jumped back up and released a series of slashes each one shooting a red streak then shot from behind a bush the man to several hits before ilanna's eyes turned normal and he jumped in front of her to shake her hand ilanna: umm :/ ???:the names zonics and I was look for someone with just as much power as me so I could so we could be the strongest people in the underground ilanna: ok I guess team (shakes hand) Zonics:good to know some ones got your back :D ilanna: what's with the metal part of your face Zonics: some topics are better kept hidden kilo: I see so where to?


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