Operation Ink

Zane the son of ink is wanting to protect all aus from his sister Shara daughter of error sans and now he's having second thoughts being the kings to go guy


8. killer instect

kilo: hey look a standing spider

Ilanna:kilo don't be rude you are a goat with a hat

Kilo:that's different 


Kilo:want ever lets go greet him

Me: they walk over to Spiden and Zane(who's sleeping)

Kilo:hi giant spider 

Ilanna:(elbows kilo) 


Zonics: hello what's your name 

Spiden:Spiden and this is Zane 

Zane: huh oh hey 

Kilo: fite me

Zane: me? Ok I fight you. Vs us

Zonics:I'm up for it

Ilanna:why not 

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