Operation Ink

Zane the son of ink is wanting to protect all aus from his sister Shara daughter of error sans and now he's having second thoughts being the kings to go guy


7. Grilby's son

Zane: aye soplcies can i get more ketchup 

Spiden: what's ketchup some cream 

Zane:jeez Spiden you really need to KETCHUP 

Spiden: what really what is ohhhhh no im done I'm so done 

Zane:pfft hahaha omg you should see your face you just released that

Spiden:one more pun and I will flip 

Soplcies: I will have no more of this in my fathers diner 

Zane:(giggles) hey soplcies don't be such a HOT HEAD 

Spiden:(breaks table) OH MY GOD

Soplcies: oh no dads gonna kill me 

Zane:don't worrie I'll pay for it how much

Soplcies:umm (dose math in head) plus the food (does more math) plus all that ketchup $335,654,908 

Zane:umm oh no now I can't find my wallet Spiden 

Spiden: Zane you coward (hands over money)

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