Operation Ink

Zane the son of ink is wanting to protect all aus from his sister Shara daughter of error sans and now he's having second thoughts being the kings to go guy


5. Demons collide

            Kilo and ilanna P.O.V

Muffet: there you go come back again 

Kilo: (muffle) thx muff -chews- et 

Ilanna: stop mom said it's rude to talk with your mouth full.

Kilo: yeah what ever sis 

Ilanna: (drops food and throws knife) who's there 

???:oh you two finally found me 

Ilanna:(takes out knife) you wanna go?

Kilo: I'm not done (chews) 

Ilanna: ......

Kilo:fine (drops food) takes out guns

???: k (chargers a big darkness ball)



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