My Summer Secret

its about a mermaid named CeCe and she likes her next door neighbor(Luke Hemmings), who has no idea what her identity is. wait till he finds out who she really is. stay tuned


10. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“Beep, Beep, Beep…” *I wake up to Luke’s alarm clock and turn it off, I turn around to see that Luke is already out of bed*


Me: Babe? Where are you?

Luke: *walks in with a table filled with food* I wanted to make you breakfast in bed.

Me: aww babe you’re so sweet! *sits up and fixes my hair with my fingers*


*Luke sets down the table on the bed, sits next to me, and starts feeding me chocolate covered strawberries*


Me: Mmmmm… these are delicious

Luke: anything for my princess

Me: can we talk?

Luke: did I do something wrong?

Me: no babe, its nothing bad.

Luke oh ok, then what’s up.

Me: *giggles* I’m extremely sore from last night

Luke: hahahhaha, you had me worried there for a minute.

Me: I’m sorry baby *giggles*

Luke: honestly though, how do you feel?

Me: I feel wonderful!

Luke: I’m glad

Me: Luke, can you hand me my phone I want to call my dad

Luke: sure babe.


*phone rings…*


Dad: hey CeCe, what’s up?

Me: hey dad so what did grandma say about the witch?

Dad: I don’t want to talk about this over the phone, when you come home we will all sit down and talk.

Me: ok, what time do you want me home?

Dad: whenever you’re ready, but I want Luke and Liz here too ok? When will she be home?

Me: I don’t know I’ll ask…. Luke said she’ll be home around 2:30pm

Dad: ok, then come back home then, I love you and be safe

Me: I love you too daddy and I will, you be safe too ok?

Dad: I will baby girl.

Me: bye daddy

Dad: bye sweetheart.


“Click… and I hang up the phone”

Luke: you ok babe?

Me: yeah, I’m ok, I’m just worried and I don’t know what to do.

Luke: I know babe, I promise everything will be ok.

Me: what about if it isn’t and I have to go home, I will never see you again.

Luke: that’s not going to happen, I will protect you ok?

Me: ok, I love you

Luke: I love you too, lets go down to the pool and get your mind off things.

Me: ok.

*we both get changed for the pool and head downstairs to find Newp and Vanessa already in the pool, and I can see the look on Luke’s face that he feels left out because he’s human*


Me: hey babe, don’t worry, I love you ok? That’s never going to change

Luke: I know, but what about when you go home, and you find someone else

Me: babe just because you’re human doesn’t mean I love you any less, and plus I’ve been in love with you since I was 5.

Luke: I know, I’m just worried.

Me: don’t be

Luke: ok


*I pull Luke in for a passionate kiss*


Luke: I love you so much

Me: I love you too

Luke: ok, let’s go swimming

Me: ok

*I jump into the water and I start to see my beautiful blue and purple tail form*


Luke: wow you have such a stunning tail

Me: why thank you love. *I smile at him and give him a wink*


*we swim for a few hours and have lots of fun, we finally get out to dry off when Liz gets home and walks out to let us know that my dad wants to talk to all of us about the witch*

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