Vibe With Me

Figured I could open up my mind a bit...


6. Just A Thought

​It's just a thought. But if the shoe fits, take it.

​This contributes to, the girls who never loved themselves but loved the attention they were given.

​This contributes to the guys who don't want kids, but got girls pregnant.

​It's just a thought.

​You know? I was told life has it's love and hate its, tosses and turns

​I never believed it till life hit me.

​It hit me, like the train that's unstoppable. And to think cause of that I am unstoppable.

​I am a girl, a girl in a world that has nothing but spilled drinks, broken glasses and broken hearts.

​A world that screams "FUCK THE POLICE" but 9-1-1 is the first thing on their dial pad.

A world that screams "SOCIETY OVER RULES" but I guess I can speak for everyone when I say this "don't rep shit, if you ain't shit. Cause that shit ain't yo shit so back up". I put that in a language us teenagers speak, cause according to society "us kids ain't shit"

It's just a thought... 


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