A sailor's tale

Jack has been marooned on a desert island, struggling to survive, he doesn't realise he has awoken a dark secret when he finds a map leading to an ancient treasure. You know what they say... X marks the spot...


3. Blood red

After a minute or so of staring out to sea, I waded into the shallows where a sharp rock lay. I frantically tried to fray the sodden rope on my wrists on the serrated edge of the rock. Finally it sliced through, revealing deep cuts on my wrists. I  winced as sea water ran into the wounds, burning the sore skin. I came back to the beach to collect some debris bobbing up and down on the gentle ebb of the sea. Whilst determining their usefulness, I spotted a corked glass bottle seemingly tied to a rock. I jumped to my feet and with a splash, headed into the water to retrieve it.


After fiddling with the mangled rope and hoping it would loosen, it at last slid off. but just then, a dark shadow emerged from behind the rock. it was swaying it's head from side to side. A shark. There was a shark coming my way! Questions buzzed through my mind. What shark was it? Were there more? Did it smell the trail of blood from my wrists? but most of all, was it hungry?

But just as it was moving past me, the hammer head's long, pointy nose collided with my leg and sent me flying through the air and into the shallows. A searing pain shot through my leg, as the water around me turned crimson...

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