Seeds Of Yesterday

This is only my second attempt at writing a story that it based on a series of books but this story is more based on the movie seeds of yesterday. It is a Bart & Cindy story, basically it focuses on these semi related children growing up together while having feelings that go much further than sibling towards one another. My story will start much earlier than the movie did though, it will start when Bart is a teenager at age 14 and Cindy is 12 years of age. The majority of the story will go back between Bart and Cindy's point of view. In case it wasn't clear this is a V.C. Andrews Fanfiction story.


3. Chapter 2: One Bad Night

One night in June, Bart came home from a bad date. He had gotten a bit too rough with some girl at the school dance. She ran off crying and he came home pissed off. No one was home at the time except for me. Jory was on a date, mom and dad had went to dinner and I was doing my homework. He immediately came into my room as if he owned the place.

"What's wrong this time?"

"I just had one of the most awful dates from hell. Can you please have a little sympathy?"

"Fine, what did you do?"

"Now why do you assume that I did something wrong?"

"Because I know you and what your capable of doing. I ask again what did you do?"

"Fine, I may have been too persistent on asking a girl to dance with me. To make a long story short, she left in tears and I came home. Where is everyone at?"

"It's date night, where do you think everyone is?"

"Oh, right so than I take it we're all alone in the house then?"

"Yes, does it matter?"

"It matters because than I couldn't do this."

With that he pulled me towards him and started kissing me quite passionately. Again I felt that possession feeling come over me and I never wanted it to end. Suddenly I pushed him away from me because I wasn't ready to go any further than that.

"Why do you pull away from me. I thought that we could fool around since no one else is home, what do you think?"

"I'm feeling faint, maybe you should go to your own room?"

"No, I don't think so. I'm still in need for comforting, can't we please just have some fun now?"

"Only if you know and abide by my guidelines?"

"Fine but what are your guidelines?"

"We can kiss and touch one another but we can't have sex ok, is this acceptable to you?"

"Fine that is acceptable and if I go too far with what your comfortable of doing just let me know ok?"

I nodded my head in approval as he pulled me towards him yet again. His touch seemed to set me on fire, I never wanted him to stop touching me. We were making out for a while that I seemed to lose track of time and where his hands were. One moment his hands were on my waist, the next they were almost under my shirt.

"Wow, you feel so good. I've never been this far before. I know that you said no sex but I need some type of relief. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

I merely shook my head in response.

"Come here and just let me feel on you ok?"

I did as he told me, I did almost everything that he told me to do. I laid down on the bed, he started kissing me, and then suddenly his hands seemed to be everywhere. The places that he seemed to want to touch the most was under my shirt and between my legs. Then he took one of my hands and placed it in between his legs. He undid his pants and had me touch his private part. 

I must have done something right because he kept making these high moaning sounds. This lasted for awhile until this sticky stuff came shooting out of him. I didn't understand much of what transpired between us that night but it made him feel good. Afterwards he merely rolled over with this weird smile on his face. I quickly fixed my clothes and scrambled off the bed.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, of course not. It just never felt that good before."

"So does that mean that you've done this before with someone else?"

"What, no of course not but I've touched myself before and it's never felt this good before. When you touched me, it felt incredible and I hope that this never stops."

"What is this between us?"

"Do we need to put a label on it?"

"I guess not but I need to know if this is going to keep happening between us and if your going to only be doing it with me?"

"I hope that we keep doing this and other stuff too. Of course there's only been you and it will always be only you. I mean don't you know what you do to me? Can't you feel how much I want you whenever we touch?"

"Yes, I do but that's only pleasure on a sexual level but what about on an emotional level?"

"On an emotional level I'm completely in love with you or can't you tell that from my mere touch either?"

"Wow, you love me, that's a relief because I am so in love with you too."

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