Pen Pals

Everlee is a Princess, but she is nothing that her parents wanted her to be.
Landon is the child nobody wanted. He is abused daily... when they meet online they find the strength in each other to go on.


3. Cheese isn't just a dairy product- Chapter 2


My mother is mad. What was she thinking? I am practically still in bed and she is discussing what hairstyle I should wear on my date with "cheese man". I can't even be bothered to learn this guy's name. I'm appalled that my mother would think my standards are this low.

I fall back into my once deep sleep, that is practically shattered when my mother started shaking me awake.

"Everlee you're going to be late!" She snapped.

I stare over at the clock "Mom! It's seven-thirty! It's a dinner date!"

"Every princess needs at least eight hours to even look suitable to go out" she proclaimed.

I sighed in exasperation. After about an hour of fighting, my mom finally got me up. It took me forty minutes to even step into the shower. This is the first time I've actually dreaded a date with a guy, it's not even possible for someone to be this disgusting! I hope he at least puts on some cologne. While the maid was brushing my hair, I kept thinking about my conversation with Landon. I keep praying that he's safe.

I started to put on lip gloss and some mascara, dreading every second. Once I finished, I thought about what might happen on this date. "Would I have to kiss him...Possibly". The thought of it made me want to vomit.

Before the hour was up, my mother came to check on me. Somehow I knew she was enjoying my pain. My mother never understood me, she thinks of me as a burden that she just has to marry off as quick as possible. She doesn't think of my feelings.

I turned towards my bed and picked up the dress that was laid out for me. It was purple with pink floral print. I slipped it over my plump thighs. I squirmed and pulled until I managed to get it over my shoulders. The dress was kind of tight and short; I feel uncomfortable. I am not fit enough to be in a dress like this. "What was my mother thinking!?".I examined myself in the mirror, turning slowly taking in every curve and bump. Many thoughts filling my mind.


The doorbell rang and I jumped out of my skin. I could feel the sweat beads forming below my hairline. I have no clue why I am getting so nervous for this date. I don't even like this guy let alone want to go out with him.

I can hear the faint murmur of my mother's voice as she welcomes the cheese man into our home. Rolling my eyes at the top of the staircase, as I step down my shoes making a slight tapping as I appear into the foyer.

"Hi" I say while coughing.

"Everlee your manners! you're in the presence of a wonderful young man."

Cheese man smiled at that.

I groaned...

"wonderful young man? yea right" I thought.

Quickly snapping out of it "Well let go then, we have a reservation" I smiled

Cheese man nodded and held the door for me.

We hopped into the car and our driver, Bernie began to drive us to the restaurant.

"Whats your name?" cheese man asked staring at me.

"Everlee, I thought you would know... didn't my parents tell you?"

He looked confused "We're they supposed to?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"If they want us to date, don't you think that requires us to know each others names?"

"I guess that would be relevant... I'm Elias." He scratched his head.

I glanced over surprisingly "Elias... that's differen't. Are you Polish?"

"Nope, pure German" he stared at the ground blushing.

"Do your parents work?"

He pops in a stick of gum "nope! My parents are filthy rich. My dad used to make cheese before he reigned as king, I guess he never really gave it up..."

I nodded. So that's why he smells like cheese! His house probably smells like it.

The car couldn't pull up fast enough to the restaurant, I could feel the dead air lingering in the car. I fumbled with the handle, determined to be out.

Elias gave me a once over and scoffed.

I glared at him "Do you have a problem?"

Elias shook his head

We walked in unison through the doors into Seraphie. This is the most expensive restaurant of course it took over an hour to get here. My parent's demand the best for me.

We arrived early and had to wait for our table to be "ready". My shoes were already digging into my feet, I knew I should have stuck with my flats.

Elias hadn't said anything since we got out of the car, I already hated him. I think he knew that, he was a nice guy up until I saw him criticize the way I looked. Nothing gets me more angry than when people can't get past how I look, yes I am fat, deal with it.

A man resembling Severus Snape approached us "Your table is ready Madame"

I slightly nodded and was right on his toes following. The man brought us to a small table in the corner, filled with candles and roses.

"Wow, this is romantic, now if only I could find a better date.." I thought

I swipe the menu off the table opening it in one swift motion, I was trying really hard to avoid eye contact. I could tell he wanted to be here just much as I did. He didn't say anything or do anything that made it seem that way, it's just his body language. When I did talk, it was only one word replies. He wasn't interested what so ever.

I went with the garden salad, it seemed safe enough. It didn't seem like I was ordering too much or too little.

"What can I get for the happy couple" the waiter said grinning

"We're not together" I snapped.

Elias glared at me, then continued to look down at his menu.

" My apologies madam."

"I'll take the garden salad, no dressing" I say smiling

Elias coughed "I 'll just take a steak"

The waiter cleared his throat and stared at Elias

"With the steak, you have the choice of two sides. We offer: potatoes, coleslaw, fries and onion rings"

Elias pursed his lips "I'll take potatoes and coleslaw"

"Very well then"

The waiter marched off.

We sat in silence, it was as if a wall was between us. It was forcing us not to talk. The thing is we have nothing in common, so it's hard to even connect with this guy. We both know we don't want to be here. So why does he even bother staying?

The waiter came with Elias's plate... it looked so good, my mouth watered. He placed a big bowl of salad in front of me obviously a serving for a small family.

" I ordered the garden salad" I protested

"There it is."

I looked confused " I was expecting the salad much smaller, a serving for one person actually".

The waiter looked me up and down "Well seeing the circumstances... I thought you might need something a bit... err- bigger".

Both Elias and I looked disgusted "what are you trying to say?"

"Do you own a mirror hon, you're not exactly skinny" the waiter said running his tongue across his teeth

I stood up

"Maybe this will help then!"

I threw the garden salad in his face, thinking that wasn't enough I kicked him right in the family jewels and stormed out.

I didn't see Elias as I walked out, but he saw when I kicked the waiter and he looked kind of amused. Tears started streaming down my face, I couldn't go anywhere without people judging the way I look. That restaurant was kind of snooty and that waiter was a dick anyways. He probably wouldn't have treated any other girl like that...besides me.

Elias ran outside

"hey, are you alright?" He put his hand on my shoulder.

"No Elias I'm not alright...i'm not beautiful, i"m not anything!" I stammered

He slightly lifted my chin "Look at me, you don't need to be one hundred pounds to be beautiful, and you don't need to be perfect to impress me. You're beautiful just the way you are."

I smiled "Elias, that's the most wonderful thing any man has ever said to me, thank you"

Elias kissed me on the cheek

"Let's head back to the palace, it's been a long night" he wiped my tears

We walked back hand in hand to the car. I couldn't help but smile the whole way back, I peered over towards Elias and I could've sworn I saw him blushing.

We walked up the front steps of the palace together

He smiled "this was one of the best days of my life, even if you kicked our waiter in the balls"

"Me too" I laughed

I walked through the doorway and locked the door behind me

"How was your date sweetheart?" My mother ask

I  smiled and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I ripped the tight dress off and quickly snuggled into the comfort of my silky pyjamas. I sprawled on my bed I couldn't believe Elias said that about me. Maybe he could be the one for me, maybe my parents did the right thing this time.


It was around four o'clock in the morning when I received a phone call.


"Dee? Are you there?"

"Yes? Who is this?"

"It's Landon"

"How did you get my number?" I asked confusingly

"That doesn't matter right now, I need your help"

I could hear Landon sobbing into the phone.

"Tell me everything"

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