I've given you everything, but I wanna give more.

Jasper has always been the shy type of guy and that hasn't bothered him, he keeps to himself and does his own little thing. Recently though, he's noticed his peers have been growing up all around him, doing new things, experiencing new fronts, and partying on the weekends.

Jasper was never included and never will be, to be blunt, things take a rather unexpected turn.


1. Chapter One

Love? Nothing more than a joke, a tale of flutters and misconception between two beings bound by lustful contemplation. Don't people get it? Why be so stuck up on getting love and finding something so frustrating, when there is so much more to life than that scoundrel thing people want to obsess over.

The group of girls beside me floundered and fussed about relationship statuses, all the while I focused on my work, actually getting things accomplished.

Hey brain? You know that feeling when someone pierces your personal space by staring directly into your face from the side, and it is nearly itching at you, because you are either flustered that they looked at you or wanting to outrage and tell them to stop looking at you so you can do your work?

"Yes, I do. I am after all your brain. How about this? Stop talking to yourself and go confront the problem you antisocial anomaly."


I turned to my right, back at the group of girls, all of their gazes focused on me, and they immediately turned away once I acknowledged that they were looking at me. I seriously don't understand women sometimes. 

Back on the topic of me, I'm decently your average Joe. Nothing unique, never really played sports, or did much quite honestly. Found myself to be a church man of Christ. I don't play around like all of these other guys who want pictures from guys. Heck, the relationships I have had, never worked out. They always cheated on me, and that is keeping it brief for their sake. 

Jasper Gregory, average looks, sophomore year, and only five foot, five inches. What more could I ask for? A pony tail? I'm perfectly okay with who I am now. I don't need friends, and they don't need me. It's mutual and I've accepted that I won't have that friendship until college. As far as romance goes, it isn't even on my calendar. All girls care about is the number of likes they get on their photos, and the follower to following ratio they have. Why? I don't know, popularity apparently is the demanding figure in social scenes these days. I never cared.

"Jasper." A feminine voice spouts from the group of girls. They immediately turn their heads and act as if no one had said anything.

"This is annoying." I said. I got up from my desk and moved towards the back of the room, to silently work on my assignment. The girls were profoundly disappointed in my initial reaction, and I knew it. Luckily they wouldn't bother me for the rest of the day. I was happy for that at the least.

"Hey, Jasper, why such the sour mood?" David, turned around and asked.

"Look, I'm trying to get this done, will you just leave me alone, it isn't any of your concern anyways."

"I'm just trying to look out for you man, those girls don't mean any harm. I know you're trying to do your work and all, but you're so dedicated to yourself sometimes. You should try socializing some." He said.

I put my pencil down. "It's not worth it David, no one cares about me in the slightest, and I've never had that real friend like you. You're basically the most popular guy here at school, and I know you're a nice guy and all, but you don't know my problems, so stay out of it."

"So...that's how you see it..." He looks down. "Jasper, I know it looks like I have a lot of friends, and you think I live some kind of perfect life, but I don't. I actually don't really have that many friends who know me personally, or hangout with me out of school for that matter. I have insecurities just like anyone else, and I'm not scared to say it." He said. 

"I didn't know that, but that doesn't mean I want to be friends with you, I have other things to worry about besides you." I said.

"I see, today isn't a good day for you. I'll leave you alone." He turned back facing towards the front of the room.

I can't believe he actually tried to connect with me on a personal level, that is unusual for him. 

The bell rang, and school was dismissed. I drove home from school, thinking about how I had an entire day to relax, and not worry about anything at all. All my school work was done! Thank God.

I got home, and started reading forum posts for the laughs. Then, I got a notification.


Hey, is this Jasper?


What? How did someone get my number? The only person who should have it is my parents.


How do you have this number?

So, it is you Jasper. It's David, and I have my ways. :D 

Well, what do you want? I'm busy.

I just thought I might have come across wrong today, and I wanted to make my purpose clear. I'm trying to say, that I want to be your friend...because I don't have any.

What are you talking about? You are popular, you have lots of friends. 

No, I don't. That's just an act, anyone outside of that social circle would see it that way, but I never have had that real friend.

Why me?

Because I am just like you.


To Be Continued...

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