Isabelle Blackstone has been able to read minds since she was nine. Now she's 16 and she frequently wastes time reading people's thoughts; undisturbed and undetected. Until one day, someone talks back...


8. Chapter 7

I wake up early in the morning, just as the pale dawn sunlight come filtering in through gaps in my curtains. Instead of rolling over and pretending that I never woke up (my usual routine), I get up after a few minutes of careful consideration. Mahi is already on my mind, but a check of the time persuades me not to bother her. I rub my eyes and attempt to fix my hair to some extend as I plod down the stairs. By the time I reach the bottom, I already regret my decision as I hear the TV running. Jon's awake and it's too early to try and conform to his idea of a perfect family.

When he first moved in, he made it very clear that pajamas out of your bedroom is 'sloppy' and 'unprofessional' and that my mum and I should attempt to cut it out of our routines. My mum tried, she really did. She just couldn't do it- though. She'd grown up with pajama days once or twice a week, and I'd grown up the same. We've both struggled to conform to the way Jon wants things done. Although his methods are slightly strange and he can be just the tiniest bit rude occasionally, he's good to my mum and that's all I could ever ask. We've all sacrificed things to try to make the 'family' work.

"Morning, Jon," I say as casually as I can.

"Morning, Isabelle. You're up early," he comments.

"Yeah.I got woken up by the daylight. I didn't shut my curtains properly."

"That's a shame. Is your friend up yet?" 

"Not yet, no."
This level of small talk is as far as Jon and I get in our conversations. I never care much for conversation in the mornings anyway- and I never rely heavily on my conversational skills with Jon since he prefers small talk in the mornings anyway.

I wander into the kitchen and look around for something to eat or cook for breakfast. Jon calls a quick goodbye before leaving for work. 

Just as he leaves the house, my mum comes down the stairs slowly and in her pajamas. 

"Did Jon just leave?" she asks, the last word turning into a yawn.

"Yep, you just missed him," I say, still searching cupboards.

"Are you looking for something to make for breakfast?" she asks, kissing my head gently before putting the kettle on. 

"Yeah," I mutter quietly, reaching to the top shelf to try and see what's there.

"Pancakes and waffles?" I say, bringing the recipes down from the shelf. 

"Oh, God- yes! We haven't had any in ages!" 

I nod and start gathering ingredients. Mum pours three cups of tea. 

"Love, do you mind going to get Mahi up for me? We wouldn't want her to miss out on your amazing breakfasts."

I nod and make sure I've got all of the stuff out for breakfast before legging it up the stairs, two steps at a time. I knock on her door gently and, when there's no answer, I open it a little bit. She's laying on the bed, awake and with earphones on. She notices me at the door almost immediately and she pulls one earphone out. 

"Hey," she smiles. 

"Hi! I'm about to start making breakfast, if you're hungry... and I think my mum wants to ask you some questions or something. There's tea," I say, smiling at her uncontrollably. 

"Okay, I'll be five minutes."

I nod and retrace my steps back to the kitchen, where I finally start making breakfast. 

Whilst I'm mixing the second type of batter, Mahi comes down the stairs quietly. I flash her a smile and gesture for her to come into the kitchen. 

"Are you feeling better this morning?" I ask her, checking the mixture to see if there are any lumps. I don't see any more, so I put it down on the counter.

"Slightly, yeah. Thank you," she smiles. "How're you?" 

"Me?" I echo, almost taken aback by the question. I realize that I haven't stopped to think about myself this morning. "I'm feeling pretty okay, actually. Thank you for asking."

"Mahina? Is that you awake?" my mum calls.

"Yes Mrs Blackwell," she says timidly. 

My mum smiles nicely, joining us in the kitchen. "It's actually Godlington, but call me Colette, please."

"Oh, sorry," Mahi amends, smiling slightly. 

Mum hands her some tea and guides her through to the living room, asking some light-hearted questions as she goes. This is going to be a fun morning.

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