Melody has a problem. It's her grandmother. She thinks she hates her, but a wish could change it all. If Melody has the strength to search for answers.


5. birth set

I hurried and showered, taking special care that I got the dung off me.  Grandcatma came in halfway through and butted the door open.  In a way it was cute as she sat and watched, tail twitching.  

I put the dress on then sat and looked at my face in the mirror.  The hair down made me look different than what I wanted, I wanted my face to show.  I pulled it up sloppily.  This looked better with it away from my face.  Now what?

Grandcatma looked at me never blinking, I got the impression she was mad.  I opened a drawer, then the others.  I did’nt know what I was looking for, but I found cards with different hair styles printed on them.  I found one I liked and spent ten minutes trying to get the braid tight.  While I worked I realized I had not had a chance to eat or sleep in the past two days.

When I was done it came across the top of my head, joined together and down.  My hair now looked shorter.  I was ready to face my family.  When I stood Grandcatma followed me.  The cat followed to the front door that I opened.

“They will be here soon,” I whispered to my Grandmother.

She looked at me hissed and jumped onto my tea set.  Her claws raked down the silk.  I stared in shock, she could not be doing what I thought.  Grandcatma then smashed the set to the floor where it shattered.  The symbolic meaning was I wish you were never born.  Tears sprung up in my eyes.  The thing hissed at me once more and ran out the door.  No, she could not survive on the streets.  “No,” I breathed.  My legs buckled and I fell into the door frame.  All I had the strength left to do was shake.  I tried to stop, it only made it worse.  After a while I just gave up and curled into a ball.

I looked out into the night, I still could not stop shaking.  I wanted someone to be there.  A hollowness filled me.  I buried my head back into my knees and choked on sobs, not trying to stop them.  

I heard a hover car come up.  I started to back up, suddenly company seemed like a very bad idea.  When I tried to get up the get off the threshold I tripped and landed on the porch.

“Joy?” asked a voice.  It belonged to my aunt.

I listened as footsteps came up the pathway.

I should get up and brush off the dust, I don’t.  Something in me has snapped, I can’t.

A pair of arms wrapped around me.  They belong to my mother.  I press into her and let myself cry and shake, losing all control I had somehow had.  


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