Jason McCann

Jason and Alex MaCANN were brothers and their life's changed when their guardian Ralph was arrested


1. chapter 2

"Weres yer gun yer vest yer badge you off work yer something"said Jason "well I'm not a cop so" said the man

you still represent the authority everything I hate just like you problaly hate me" "so what's the deal with your brother" said the man

"When Ralph got arrested Alex snapped ralf was like a father to us he was a decent man and the cops treated him like a low life" said Jason he said he was just gunna throw a scare at the cops not blow them up

his brother was a serial bomber

"I had nothing to do with the bombs I swear I just bought the airplane"

His brother bombed a funeral

"Were is he" said the man

"He's got a house in old Henderson" said Jason

"Were " said the man

"In Landon" said Jason

"Landon good man" said the man

"You better hurry that show at the funeral was just fireworks compared to what's coming" said Jason

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