Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


19. Fault

        Stark threw himself in a chair, not wanting to converse with anyone. He was going over the events he knew transpired earlier. There was no way Fury was not going to take fault in what transpired. He cut his eyes to the older man that sat crossed armed in a seat across from him. Tony narrowed his eyes as he studied the director. He was allowing the man a bit of time, only for right now. However later, everything was going to come out, he would make sure of it personally.

        Fury had his head thrown back on the siding of the quinjet, in heavy thought. He could feel the anger resonating from Stark. He closed his eyes and tried his best to retain his calm. He was pissed as well, but not at anyone more than himself. How could he have been so careless with the safety of anyone in his care, especially her.

        The one person that has been there and done so much for him throughout the years, hell decades. When everyone else turned their backs and showed their true colors, she was still there. Steadfast, never changing. Always the one to answer, anything and everything. Sarcastically, but faithful none the less. No matter how steep the price. Three bullets were testimony to her loyalty. Ones that would definitely have done he himself in. The images flashed in his minds eye. There was too much stocked and invested in their relationship. Trust. The major factor.

        Fury was brought from within his own mind as the female voice echoed, "Did you hear me Sir?"

        "Yes, yes, of course. Straight to the facility, there will be a briefing. All involved parties." Fury could hear a disgruntled huff from across the plane.

        "So the one person that you bring to watch out for you is the one that you almost allow to die. How many times is that now?" Stark refusing to hold his silence with the director's, in his on personal view, callous comment.

        Romanoff snapped. "Shut up Stark."

        "No wait, what did he just say." Steve turned and soaked in the dark haired man's comment.

        "Nothing important." Fury inserted, still with his head thrown back onto the paneling, with his eye closed.

        "Oh nothing important old timer, just the one person that you dislike was the designated causality." Stark sneered at the director that either refused to show emotion or just didn't care.

        Rogers tried his best to grasp this new formed information. "Wait what? Let me get this straight. Fury you knew that she was going to be hurt..."

        "Regardless of the various changing of plans. Which is why she was catered with a babysitter. So as of now, fun and games have been scratched. No Red Rover anytime soon, which I was highly looking forward to might I add. The only one having fun with her now is Banner. Lucky bastard." Tony nonchalantly cut Steve off as he leaned back much mimicking the posture of Fury until he felt the seat vibrate. Before he could investigate, another voice piped up.

        Romanoff intervened. "This isn't time for making jokes, Tony."

        "You are so right. There is nothing funny about this. Nothing in the least. My puppy has lost her hearing," Tony stood, slammed Liara's earbuds onto the round table in the middle of the jet. "Almost her life, I am overly pissed and seem to be the only one that knows where the blame lays. Or even seems to damn care. She watched over each and everyone of us, fighting off the pain that was tearing her to shreds, from the inside out. But never mind her right, taking one for the team. That is the greater good. More than good enough for our director here."

        Fury finally opened his eye to take in the man returning to the seat he occupied earlier. Tony was right, but that wasn't going to change anything. Liara was down, now M.I.A. accompanied by an even looser cannon. The team had what they came for, but the price didn't justify the means in the least. The man lifted and headed for the cockpit, to take in the view to try to clear his mind.

        Tony slipped his fingers through the crack in the seat, searching for what he knew hid within the padding. Finally his tips grazed the hard plastic. His tongue now rested between his lips as he stretched and maneuvered to be able to grasp the phone completely without the rest of the team paying attention to him. It took all of two minutes, but Stark had the phone in his hands, trying to decipher the unlock code to no avail.

        The man thought to himself, "it shouldn't be this hard. Ugh what would that insane woman's code be?"

        "Purple is really your color." Tony looked up to take in Barnes that stood in front of him.

        "Quite. I was thinking of doing a few streaks. That color really brings out my eyes." Stark commented as he continued to think on what the password on the phone would be.

        Bucky held Liara's earbuds, inspecting them. "So she almost died?"

        "That she did. I gather that she heard the soundwaves far before you and the other senior citizen over there knew of them. They had to be at a higher potency to even slightly or remotely rock your metal." Tony looked over to the man and finally just decided to pocket the phone.

        "I can only imagine the pain that she was going through." Barnes held up one of the purple devices and noticed all the dark stains within the rubber stopper and let a breath go as he thought of the torture that he once experienced at the hands of Hydra.

        Stark narrowed his eyes, leaned back and took in the man at his right. "You are regaining your memory of her and yourself from within the Hydra ranks correct?"

        Bucky nodded as he retucked a strand of hair, "a few things are returning. It's a slow process. Yes, I have been remembering things that concern her, but it's still a bit hazy you know."

        "So were you like a thing?" Stark narrowed his eyes.

        "I'm sorry?" Barnes looked confused.

        The black haired man shrugged, "you know, a thing."

        Brown hair loosened as he shook his head. "Ohhh, no. She hates me. I have no time for that sort of thing. I just have her eyes stuck in my head. They are the only reason that I am remembering things that have been locked away inside my mind."

        "Don't feel special, she hates everyone. Some more than others. One of her defense mechanisms. Those eyes are the death of most men," Tony smirked. "I can find things on you. However I think that you are the only one that can unlock some information on Liara. She and I have tried for years to find any topic on her, no matter how minute, hoping that it could help in triggering something within her. Nothing has helped." Stark leaned back once more taking in the roof of the craft, as he felt it lower.

        "Buck, may I have a word?" Steve called from the other side of the craft.

        The man handed Tony the belongings of Liara before he made his way to his best friend. Stark watched as everyone around him seemed as if nothing was wrong in the least. Like it was just regular ongoings, despite a teammate being hurt and unaccounted for. As soon as the jet touched ground, Tony was rushing to speak to someone.

        A woman watched as the quinjet finally reached the base. It took no more than a couple hours, but it seemed more like days. As soon as the wheels barely touched cement, the hull door flew open and out rushed Stark. She smiled in seeing the man. She could admit that he was adorable when he was angry.

        Stark at a hastened pace walked across the landing strip, into the Stark Warehouse that now was converted into the new Avengers Headquarters since undercover Hydra agents destroyed the last base. As he entered a door, his mind was so consumed, he did not notice the woman.

        She was leaned back and crossed armed, waiting on him to come to her. She knew he would, he always did. Even more so when he was in this state. She took a breath and kicked her right leg up to rest it on the wall. "So you just going to walk past me like I don't exist?"

        Tony walked up to her. Took in her demeanor. He shook his head. "Nice clothes."

        "It wasn't my fault." She placed a hand on his chest, reading his pain. "Come on, we need to talk, before your friend paints his own version." Her hand slid down his body, to find his hand and lead him away from all the incoming crowd.

        Tony allowed the woman to lead him to a stairwell. They both took to sit on the same stair. Stark let go of a huge breath. "Look, I already know that this was in no shape or form your fault. This is all Fury's."

        "You knew that I was going to be there?" Deltora asked.

        Tony shook his head, "no, but since I was feeding off the cameras, F.R.I.D.A.Y., she's new, you'll see why soon enough. She caught sight of you and besides your waves were a dead giveaway."

        "I met Vision already, very interesting being. He hates me for some weird reason, told me that he doesn't trust me as far as he can throw me, whatever that means." A quick smirk crossed her face, one that went unseen by her company. "I trusted that bastard Fury to keep Killer far enough away, but he dropped the ball, much as he always does. I cannot believe that I was stupid enough to take him at his word. Ughh, Tony... I never meant to hurt her, no matter if she is ticked at me or not."

        Tony nodded, "she's okay, trust me."

        "Neanderthal kidnapped her?" As the woman leaned forward her fire themed hair slid over her shoulder.

        "Saved her life actually. She stayed until she knew we were safe." Tony extracted the earpieces and handed them toward the caramel complected woman. "Alana, I know you did what you did for a reason, I'm nowhere near upset with you. Someone was there, you defended yourself. I'm glad that you are okay."

        "So what exactly did the pirate tell you?" Deltora asked the man at her side.

        "That you fought, that this fellow is as our little furball, not too much." Stark repositioned himself, leaning back onto his elbows.

        Light green eyes read his posture, noting his mellow tone with her. Knowing that he truly wasn't ill with her. "Well, yeah. There was this guy there. It was dark, I couldn't really see him. All I saw was that he had some nice canines. And that was only thanks to a small sliver of light that reflected from my earring. He rushed me and hit me hard as hell, I mean hard, knocked me on my arse, so I pounded him with soundwaves. Since he wants to be like her, he got what hurts her the most. He was strong, much like that sexy ass prettyboy of a leader of yours."

        "You mean your leader?" Tony asked.

        "Oh he could soooo lead me anytime he wanted." This time her smirk was caught by the man at her side.

        He tsked though his teeth. "I see."

        "Aww, now don't be like that. You are still number one. But he can soooo be invited." Her smirk widened into a seductive smile.

        Tony only shook his head, "I swear that I regret the day that I started messing with you."

        "Hey, you love it. Pepper's loss." Her brows raised once.

        Tony huffed as he smiled, "come on, let's go to this meeting that Fury called before I change my mind. I have way better things that I could do."

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