Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


1. Dipping A Toe Back In


        “No” she finished typing as a command came through the earpiece.

        “Negative” she replied in a singsong voice.

        “Send me what you have and get out,” controlled anger came through the bluetooth.

        Before her rebuttal could be delivered, her teammate crashed in through an office window, “great entrance,” in sizing him up.
        “Yes, but we have two seconds.” He seemed a little flustered.

        “Hmmm, that’s great and all, but I need three.” She watched the now uploading memory files filling the cloud server.

        “What do you mean you need three? You are out of there in two seconds…” the voice in her ear was cut off by the sound of a single shot fired. “What was that?”

        The woman glared past her costumed friend, in slowly turning her gaze to him, he looked mortified. The woman furrowed her brow from behind a baseball cap. “What? He was coming in on you at a run. Ah, so next time I let someone kill you, ok will do big boy.”

        The costumed man turned his back on her to aid his friend, whom was now sporting his first wound of the mission. The woman shoved her gun into her pocket and checked the upload process.

        “I have no idea what in the hell that was, but you have one second and…” snapped a calm voice on the other end of the Bluetooth.

        “Finished, but you can keep teaching the proper procedure. I do sooo need to learn.” The voice on the other side let out a heavy chuckle.

        “Seems that you need a course in playing well with others. Fury out.” The woman smirked as she pushed past her friend handing what was apparently his ally, a cloth to clean his wound.

        “She shot me.” The masked man only stated.

        “Annnnnd I missed, so you're welcome.” She continued out of the abandoned house. In toe were her teammate Captain America, and his friend that she could really care less in, but now knew disliked her.

        “Look I have no time to babysit. I’m not even supposed to be here at this moment. I have to make up time for my own projects. You have what you came for, so leave.” A hand closed around her right forearm and spun her around.

        “You are coming with us, right now. I cannot and will not let anything happen to you to jeopardize your safety, ma’am.” The woman pulled away from him.

        She gestured with her right hand. “Look, ‘Murica,” then eyed him from behind the low sitting brim of her cap. “We are in my neck of the woods. I have more foes than the eye can see and you being here isn’t helping that in the least…” the small house exploded just behind the tall men. As the faint sound of helicopter blades filled the air, three black motorcycles slid in through an overgrown path. “And look, my ride is here. I have to go. But I would absolutely love to take you up on the offer next time.”

        The woman dressed in nothing more than a simple hoodie, cap and jeans walked off, throwing up a peace sign over her right shoulder. “Deuces.”

        “Oscuridad….” Captain America was interrupted by the now lowering helicopter sent to retrieve him. As the belly opened, out walked Nick Fury.

        He examined the damage, furrowed his brow. “What happened to him.”

        “Oscuridad,” Captain America returned.

        “She shot me,” Bucky Barnes exhaled as he lowered the hat from his head.

        Fury only smirked. “Next time, let someone know you were tagging along in the first place, then maybe the outcome could have been entirely different. Although, she seems to not have lost her touch. Right in the collarbone, as usual.”

        Bucky only winced as a medic took a look at him, “she missed.”

        Fury raised an amused brow, “is that what she told you?”

        The Winter Soldier only grimaced as he was being treated. Back in the aircraft Fury began looking through all the intel the hacker, by the name of Oscuridad, gave him. Steve Rogers, a now unmasked Captain America walked up to him. He tried to make sense of the mission, as he studied the schematics for a weapon he couldn’t quite get a grasp of.

        Fury noted the curiosity roaming through his company’s mind. “These are the plans that Hydra have had in process for years. They have been unable to find the correct algorithms for putting the final touches on it, but we possess far superior minds, and have come to the conclusion before they have. So, why not take a machine that could end a continent’s existence and use it for good.”

        Steve frowned as he weighed Fury’s view. “But something like this should be destroyed, shouldn’t it? There is no good that could come from this.”

        In placing a hand on his fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent’s shoulder, Fury reassured him that this one was going to be stored away so no one could get their hands on it, and the blueprints were redesigned in the process to be faulty by their special hacker called in on this assignment.

        Everyone returned to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters for a briefing.



        “No hay otra manera.” (There’s no other way) A heavy hearted Mexicana, reluctantly agreed with herself. She slung her cap off, in which it landed perfectly on a nearby table. Dragged her fingers down her face then massaged her temples. Oscuridad leaned back, until her shoulder blades crashed into a wall and stared aimlessly past the crumbling ceiling. In letting out a long hard breath, a single tear escaped her right eye. She pushed her hair back and regained composure.

        In pushing off the wall, she walked across the area, staring longingly into the next room which was now converted into a makeshift infirmary. Oscuridad walked up to the glass partition, placing a hand on it instinctively. She furrowed her brow as she weighed the heart wrenching decision that was hers and hers alone to make. She tightly closed her eyes, mentally battling herself. Dreading the path that she knew all too well must be taken. All the different outcomes, possibilities, but there was no other way.

        She knew it. So she demanded, without losing eye contact on the intended party. “Tenemos que empacar y viájanos hasta América.” (We have to pack and travel to America)

        “Pero jefa,” an armed nurse pleaded. “Tenemos suficiente sangre por…” (But boss, we have enough blood to)

        ¿Y Por cuánto tiempo? ¿Un mes? ¿Unos cuantos días? Cuando el cambio viene, y sabemos que va a venir,” she cut the woman a terrible look. “NO, vamos a salir esta misma noche. (For how much longer? A month? A few days? When the change comes, and we both know that it will, NO we leave tonight.)

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