The mixed sports

One day an ordinary girl that loves soccer and roller skating has a anything but ordinary idea. Definitely a huge idea. Will her idea to mix the sports make the history books or will it crash and burn?
(c) Dumbledores daughter made the cover


1. it started with the roller skates

One day Mia was roller skating around a soccer field. She saw a soccer ball flying towards her and it landed at her right skate. She attempted to kick it but it was harder than it seemed. She flew backwards landing on her tailbone. Laughter echoed throughout the field, ringing in her ears. She was insanely embarrassed. She started crying hysterically, in the meantime trying to cover up the fact that she was mortified.

Considering the fact that Mia skates on the soccer off seasons, she thought she was good. Enough, anyway. This proved her wrong. Someone came and helped her up. They succeeded after about five minutes, accepting that there were wheels on the bottom of her feet.

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