Jason McCANN has a sister now McKenzie McCANN who picks up some evil ways from the most dangerous, meanest ,cruelest dude in school who happens to be her big brother


4. chapter 4

Me and Jason were now know as the scary siblings because we wore all black clothes and black fingerless gloves with spikes on the knuckles and carried baseball bats in our backpacks

We always got in trouble but their were no consequences being the teachers were afraid we might do something to them

We put our names on our baseball bats

Our lockers wouldn't open so we beat them open with our baseball bats finally they opened but the lock broke of and the doors fell of this is the second locker Jason has broke this is the first locker I have broken

Nice goin sis Jason said we high fived

I sprayed with spray paint on the wall Mckenzie was here Jason sprayed on the wall with spray paint Jason was here then a skull we didn't get in trouble

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