Reverse Aging

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1. Reverse Aging


Reverse aging

One day as I sat thinking, I realised it is very difficult to tell people's age without knowing anything about them. I trained to be a Doctor and we traet burn patients, kids who feel depressed about their looks, people wanting to look different with surgery and soon.  A team looks into these matters and a cosmostologist, a cosmetologist are often part of the team. I was a trainee Doctor in those days and became interested in cosmostology. I learnt all I could.  And as I sat there it occurred to me that with advances in technology people could be revere aged. Life prolonged, excellent health given, ill health immediately fixed.

Its also a matter of philosophy. If you married, whom would you marry if you lived for ever.  What about those who are already 55, like a friend of mine ?So I suggested to her,  Try reverse aging. If you can convince yourself you are 37 instead of 55, then your whole world changes. Less stress and your hair will grown back black. Greay hair will disappear. There are tailams that can reverse the grey.  You feel young and after all, your shampoo leaves your hair black. You become more physically active and develop that beautiful body. You want your body to service you, even after another 50 years. You feel more energetic and feel younger in years. You are attracted to the company of young people. After living for a long time, you are bound to get mixed up about the past. Maybe your family has got your age wrong. Bound to happen.  These days its hard to tell age by looking at a person. You can attribute grey hair to going blonde and the cosmetologist. Your children haven't married and you can convince yourself they are 17.  After all in the Usa , you can get a university degree by 17.  Seriously.

Just as work does, hairdresser, cosmetics  ,health, exercise among other things have an effect on our looks

It can change how old we look.  So does personal grooming like shaving waxing , happiness,  the air we breathe.   The way we move can impact on our looks.

So try it some time. you don't need to spend a lot of time.

All this can be predicted to some extent by  horoscope dasas and lagna and navamsa chart

Mutable signs can look different as compared to fixed signs.  The planets on lagna also have an effect.  Morphing is an aspect of change. Cosmotology is a field ( can be a doctor) that makes the best of you and can treat depression. Some people look most beautiful when overweight, some when thin. I am aiming for my optimum. Have reached it as scheduled by June 1st  2015. Could lose a little more to give margin. About 3 days of walking.

.  Hair on the forehead and thick hair can make one look younger as the way we dress, our expression, happiness and so on and so forth.


The question is how does one uniquely identify a person as they morph and mutate.  Going blonde can leave us with grey looking air as can a cosmetologist. Changes can be temporary or lasting.

There is also one such thing as WORK RELATED AGE. 50 years of knowledge would qualify us as 50 in that field and give us openings to positions otherwise restricted.   Here is where Virtual Reality comes into picture.  Always remember  that Virtual should be connected to real so that you don’t become  a psychiatrist’s nightmare.

Skin tone and colour can make a difference.  Change of place can have an effect.  Lighting effects

Indian food tends to be super low fat. Hard pressed to get fat there. So nationality has an effect on what is considered beautiful

Definition of MORPHING


The gradual transforming of one image into another. Although the conversion may only take a second, all the interim stages are visible. Common morphing sequences are changing an inanimate object into an animal, such as from a car to a tiger. Morphing is also done with similar objects; for example, transforming one car model into another. The term comes from metamorphosis, which means a profound change. Mark the Prominent Points Morphing software works by marking the prominent points around the edges, tips and corners of the objects in the before and after images. The points are used to mathematically compute the in-between stages from one object to the other.



1. The act or process of being altered or changed.

2. An alteration or change, as in nature, form, or quality.

3. Genetics

a. A change in the nucleotide sequence of the genome of an organism or virus, sometimes resulting in the appearance of a new character or trait not found in the parental type.

b. The process by which such a change occurs, either through an alteration in the nucleotide sequence coding for a gene or through a change in the physical arrangement of the genetic material.

c. The nucleotide sequence, trait, or individual that results from such a change.

4. Linguistics

a. A change affecting a sound or a class of sounds, such as back vowels or plosive consonants, through assimilation to another sound, as in the process of umlaut.

b. A change affecting a sound or a class of sounds that is conditioned by morphological or syntactic factors rather than purely phonological factors, as in Irish, where certain words cause the lenition of the initial consonants of the following word.



Mutation and morphing can been seen as a person rests or eats to get energies up.  Also doing weights , walking can change shape of body.

Lighting effects as also the medium , like water, air, other chemicals, one’s state of mind.

Lets look into these matters in more detail

A Mutable Quality is attached to the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The Mutable Houses are the Third, Sixth, Ninth and Twelfth; if a horoscope shows a preponderance of planets in these houses, its energy is weighted toward mutability.

Mutable Signs know how to go with the flow. They are adaptable and flexible and can change their form of expression to whatever a situation requires. Standing their ground is of little import to Mutable folks. These people would much rather conform to the norm, so long as their doing so will help the greater good. Luckily, Mutable individuals are versatile and find it quite easy to change. Consider them the chameleons of the zodiac, since they can take on different personae

Mutable people are blessed with a tremendous resourcefulness. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! They know how to squeeze that last drop of juice and make things better in the process. Those influenced by a Mutable Quality in their horoscope also enjoy learning, play fair and are diplomatic and well-liked by others. To their further credit, they are sharp, sympathetic and can see (via a sixth sense?) the essential elements of a situation. At times, however, their desire to please everyone can get them into hot water. They may come across as wishy-washy, inconsistent and downright duplicitous. All this in the name of aiming to please!

The beauty of mutability is that those possessing it are flexible, versatile and highly resourceful. These folks are quick to help others and are selfless in the process. While they may occasionally stretch themselves to the breaking point, they know how to bounce back.


Mutable signs are the chameleons of each element, able to shift into many forms, and take on different personas. They're flexible, adaptable and thrive on change. Their swift changeability allows them to see life from many different perspectives. Mutable signs have a restless nature that comes from being the breakdown before the breakthrough -- in preparation for the end of the season. They bring people and ideas together in an innovative synthesis.

What's the difference between the mutable signs based on element?:

Each of the mutable signs mutates itself with the tools of its particular element. Mutable fire (Sagittarius) evolves through learning, travel, seeking knowledge -- and using intuition to glean the truth from all this experience.

Mutable water (Pisces) dwells in the collective depths, and contains all the signs as the last one. Mutable air (Gemini) rides the circuits of ideas, taking in and disseminating what it collects. Mutable earth (Virgo) changes through purification of the body and by being a force of healing for others.

Crisis and Chaos:

The adaptability of mutable signs makes them light on their feet in a crisis.

They travel well in and among different types of people, exchanging ideas on what to do next. With quickly evolving natures, they understand change intimately, and are at home in chaos.

Who the heck am I?:

Mutable signs experience the sense of multiple selves, and sometimes struggle to feel real and solid in themselves. Their sense of identity is loose, and like a kaleidoscope, always changing. But over time, a core sense of self emerges, based on this changeability, but transcending it, too

As one gains weight the face changes shape and sometimes the person becomes unrecognizable.  Looks very different. This can be done through certain procedures, even skull shape can change without medication.

AS I move I look different ages, Different coloured eyes, hair colour looks different

The aim of the age change project is to look a different age. I managed to look near 90 in 2014.   Loose tooth and all

Am 41. How to look 21.  ? Have no idea ? Makeup,  hairdo, weight.Consult a Cosmetic doctor's team  The prodecure is not always straight forwrad. where do you start. Lets assume you have perfect eyesight. You want to change the colour of your eyes.  A fixed water sign is not mutable. Act more gemini, virgo, sag and pieces. To be mutable, you will look young. That is the aim of this project.  I look and feel 41 my age 55.  HOW to look 21. :-0. Use vibrant colour shampoo, get soft good quality skin. Shampoo removes soap residue.  Think and feel 21. Psychology has a big effect on the way we look and feel.

So as a first step I am going to be ½ my age. Just think I am while not forgetting the fact I am 41.  My youngest is after all only 5 years old.  I am 5 feet 9inches tall.   We had a couple of children by surrogacy from what I remember. Good grooming waxing, hair styling all help. The hair dressers can give you the look you want  . I am now going to aim for the age of 21 look.  Did 90 last year.  Weight loss achieved. Rest through diet alone.  Work on the face.  Do tend to have belly fat.  Get rid of that.  Encourage your partner to do the same. August 1st kicking off the age change project. Look different ages to different people.  For myself I look 36 and feel 36 mature young look, no ! look and feel a permanent 29 and vlk my partner looks 3 years older.  Pieceans are ideal for morphing and mutating. They are not fixed or cardinal they are a mutable water sign. Everyone has a old look and a young look, depending on what angle you look at them. As a cosmetologist, I knew what to do to look any age – 21 to 55 J   So real age goes out of the window. Nothing needs to be done. I was a display model and also MS Universe. There is a photo of me when I was not MS universe. Ordinary good looking changed to exceedingly beautiful.  Even without makeup. Just should not go into borderline ennui. I look different ages to different people.  June 2015 achieved weight loss goal fat spot and all. Now working on my eating habits to reduce fat spot. Need to reduce weight to get rid of fat spot.

So actual age 1960 -8-16 at 20:45, 500 kms from new York.  Virtual real age anywhere between 21 to 55 There was a height change project (2015 date log)  a few years ago. The details are hazy as to exactly what age.  The children in your life change. Your kids move away and younger relatives or their friends come and live with you.  After all the kids in the family and their friends, who look alike, you can’t tell which child is yours anymore. The hair dressers got to me and changed me and made me forget my age. So age thrown out of the window

After health treatment a 80 year old can end up 50 health wise J  Its called reverse aging. Can you believe it, some want to look older for that plush job There is no such thing as dying. Believe that. There is a living for ever.  Therefore I can see myself as young at 55. Act and feel young.

Maybe you were an actor. So dressing up in different wigs comes naturally to you. Look a different age everyday. Maybe you have to play multiple roles in the firm you own.

The following have an effect

 Hair, hairstyles


Expression , gait the way one walks

Mood happiness



Sun exposure

Eye glasses

The air we breathe




Energy levels

Body fat

How do you recognize the age of a person with no knowledge of them ?

And their race etc ?

So do you want to try reverse aging? Or maybe forward aging. Maybe you adopted kids at 11 and so you forward aged for them. Try it  sometime. When you have time , start a little at a time. It is not expensive. Your insurance will cover you.


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