Him ~ A Dolan Twin FanFic...

its the end of graduation you and your bestfriend Amy move into a beautiful house in New jersey, you meet your neighbours and you felt an instant attraction to one of the brothers that live next door, the way he looks at you, talks to you, acts around you. You can help but swoon.



Emily POV:

Right now i can feel myself burning so i decided to take a quick dip into the pool. When i get out, i dry off and begin to make my way to the kitchen to grab an apple. I pick up the big juicy red one and take a bite when i hear three knocks on the door. i walk over and turn the handle, and to my shock i see 2 boys, 2 gorgeous boys. 

"Hi, can i help you?" I say. i look at the one on the right and then the one on the left, noticing how alike they look, they must be twins. 

"Hi, im Ethan," the one on right spoke, pointing to himself. "And this is Grayson." He speaks again pointing to the one on the twin on the left. I smile politely as he speaks.

"We heard we were getting new neighbours today so we thought we would pop round and say hey!" Ethan says, grinning, it didnt take me long to notice that they were shirtless, but i try to ignore that. 

"Oh cool, why dont you guys Come out back, ill introduce you to amy." I told them,gesturing for them to ome in,i was secretly  hoping they say yes. "Sure." he replied, stepping in, grayson following him. 

I led them through our house to our back garden where Amy was and saw she was having a nap, so as quietly and quickly as i could i grabbed a bucket of pool water and dumped it over over her, making her scream, which then caused the 3 off us to collapse in a fit of laughter. Eventually we stopped laughing and saw a drenched,unimpressed amy stood in front of us, trust me when i say this but it was sooo hard to stiffle a giggle.

I introduced her to the boys and her and Eth hit it off straight away, playing and splashing around in the pool, meanwhile, i was sunbathing with grayson, every time i looked over at him, he was always staring a me and smiling. 

we talked a lot about our childhoods and that, getting to know each other, thats when i found out that they are the dolan twins on youtube and that they are 'famous on vine', he used the air quotes not me. 

Time flew, and before i knew it, it was 6.00pm and the four of us were practically the best of friends, there was even a bit of flirting between Eth and Amy...and im sure a bit from grayson too...;)



This is bad, i'm sorry... 

okay..bye xx






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