Him ~ A Dolan Twin FanFic...

its the end of graduation you and your bestfriend Amy move into a beautiful house in New jersey, you meet your neighbours and you felt an instant attraction to one of the brothers that live next door, the way he looks at you, talks to you, acts around you. You can help but swoon.


5. Nightmares!

Emily POV:


Im on my way up the stairs, leading Gray to his room for the night. I'm actually scared to turn a corner now just in case something pops up in front of me. That movie scared the living daylights out of me. I wish i never watched it.

Right now, im laid in bed, the sheets pulled up close to my eyes, my heart racing... I'm trying so hard to sleep. Eventually i drift off, tossing and turning, the nightmares wont leave me alone. I knew of only one person who could help me calm down. I stumble out of bed and slide on my slippers.

I walk out of my room and towards the one down the hall. Tip toeing so i don't wake up any one else...I finally pluck up the courage and place 3 gentle rasps on the oak, I heard a grumble and gently pushed open the bedroom door, poking my head through the tiny crack.

"Gray, its me.." I whisper... "Emily?" He replies, his voice husky and sexy...It gave me butterflies.

"Gray, i cant sleep... i've always hated scary movies, they give me nightmares. Can i come in here with you? And yes i am aware that i sound like a five year old." Im half joking and half being serious.

He giggles and pats the spot next to him. I slide through the gap and shyly walk over to the bed, climb under the sheets and rest my head on the pillow. I feel Graysons arms wrap around me, my heart rate increases, and then slows again when i realise i'm safe with him.

What are these feelings, i've never felt anything like this before, Was it him? or me just being nervous?



I know for a fact that this ones bad...thanks for reading anyway xx

okay...bye x 


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