Him ~ A Dolan Twin FanFic...

its the end of graduation you and your bestfriend Amy move into a beautiful house in New jersey, you meet your neighbours and you felt an instant attraction to one of the brothers that live next door, the way he looks at you, talks to you, acts around you. You can help but swoon.


2. New neighbours

Grayson POV:


"ETHAN!! ITS TIME TO GET UP!" I yelled up the stairs to Ethan who was most likely asleep. He sluggishly walked down the steps rubbing his eye, once he spotted the sandwich his eyes immediately widened in hunger. And by the time ive finished making mine, his had already been devoured. I shook my head in a sarcastic pity and began to eat. He gave me an amused smile.

" Hey Gray? Arent the new neighbours supposed to be moving in today?" He spoke after a moment. 

"Oh yeah, i forgot about that, we'll go say hi later if want?" I replied, he just nodded. 

About an hour ago i heard a car door shut and two girls squealing, I didnt bother to check it out as i was on the xbox with Ethan. Now though, we are sat in the garden about to film a video. We set up the camera and got ourselves ready. We did the prerecording routine which was checking for boggers and our teeth for each other...i know, its wierd... but oh well. 


"What's up guys, We're back!" I spoke while ethan finished the rest off...about 5 minutes into filming when i heard two girls in the garden next to us. I didnt do anything except carry on the video until i heard someone speak.

"OMG!!....They're are soo hot!"  I heard from their direction. It was very faint so i dont know if Ethan heard it, but i did, i just chuckled to myself. Although we were sat here in this heat with our shirts off. We were doing an eat it or wear it challenge so we were a little messy. But we couldnt help that. Everytime i looked over at their garden i always caught that same girl staring at us, i found it amusing. But there was another girl...she was just laying there on a sun bed. Occasionally she would get up to cool off in the pool or to get a drink, i dont know why but i always found myself staring at her.

After a few more items being dumped on my head or thrown at me, the video was over, except from the part where ethan and i dived into the pool to get rid of the filth on us. 



Once i was out of the shower, dressed into our swimming costumes again, i thought id be polite and go say hi to the new neighbours. I got Ethan off of his sorry backside and dragged him toward the house. He was in his trunks too. We walked up the driveway, i looked at their house. Its no different from ours really, same lay out, same design its just weird not having our old neighbours. They were good people, too bad they moved away. We reached the house and knocked three times on the huge door. 



again..im sorry if its bad. 

okay...bye x




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