Him ~ A Dolan Twin FanFic...

its the end of graduation you and your bestfriend Amy move into a beautiful house in New jersey, you meet your neighbours and you felt an instant attraction to one of the brothers that live next door, the way he looks at you, talks to you, acts around you. You can help but swoon.


12. Letting it all out...

Grayson POV;


I knew who it was the minute we were dancing, as my hands explored her body, feeling every curve. As i lay in bed after the party, i replay the kiss over and over in my head, smiling like an idiot. I know this is really cringy but i feel like my whole body tingles just at the thought of her, and i start smiling like an crazy person every time i see her and every time she pops up in my head i get butterflies. I just cant stop thinking about her, shes incredible. 

As i'm laid in bed, all i think of is tonight and what happened between us two, i am 100% sure it was her. Why else would i have felt electric shocks course throughout my whole body when our bodies met. I really wanna talk to her about it, but i don't even know if she knows it was me. Deep down inside of me, deep deep down, i hope she does. I feel my eyes closing, forcing me into a deep sleep, thinking about the girl i've started to grow feeling for.


Em's POV: 

As I'm tossing and turning, i can think of one thing and one thing only. Gray. I turn over to look at my alarm clock to see its 6:26. I know I wont be able to sleep now so i climb out of bed and stubble toward my bathroom, reaching my hand into the huge shower pace and turn on the water, quickly bringing my hand back pout so it doesn't get wet. I walk back into my room and pick up 2 towels from my closet and place them over the radiator on the wall. i slip off the dress from the night before and remove the bobble from my hair. I climb in and immediately get shiver on the places the hot water hasn't quite reached yet. I wash my hair and body and wipe the remaining make up off. After im done i wrap a towel around my hair and my body and go to brush my teeth. When im done i do my morning face routine and my make up. Next i get changed and do my hair, drying it then placing it into two dutch braids. By the time i've finished everything, i see its almost 8 and i can hear Amy moving around her room. Once im ready, i check myself in the mirror making sure i looked okay. 


Downstairs, I make breakfast for Amy and I as I scroll through Instagram. After we're done, I decided to text Gray asking him to meet up today as I need to talk to him. He almost immediately replied saying 'okay, cant wait x :)' All of a sudden, my palms were sweaty and I felt dizzy. I've never been so nervous......


A few hours pass and its time to go meet Grayson. I decided to meet him at the skate park near our house seeing as hes already there. As i walk out my door, I shout to Amy that i'll be back later. I checked my purse to see if i had my phone and keys. Once i was all set, I made my way down the street toward the park. The close i get the more nervous i am. What if when i tell him it was me he doesn't believe or laughs at me and walks away? That would be so embarrassing.


I finally reach my destination and i see him on his skate board riding around. He notices me and flashes me a huge grin, showing his bight white teeth. It makes my heart melt. The way his eyes sparkle when they hit the sun, and the way his hair blows when the wind picks up. It feels like everything is moving in slow motion. I guess I really am falling for him, which makes this a lot scarier to do. Im getting closer and closer and does he, before i know it, im right next to him giving him a hug while bresathing in his cologn. "listen, i need to talk to you about something." I start. " Me too, you go first." He replies. Okay here I go....


Grayson POV:

As shes approaching me i cant help but smile at how beautiful she is. Just the way she walks gives me tingles everywhere, the way her hair swishes from side to side with every step she takes.  Shes amazing. All I've been thinking about all night is how im going to tell her how i feel. The closer she gets the more sweaty my palms become. When she finally reaches me i give her a big hug and breathe in the sweet coconut scented shampoo. Literally EVERYTHING about her is perfect. As we walk towards the lake, she breaks the comfotable silence. "Listen, i need to talk to you about something." she starts. "Me too, you go first." i reply. She takes a deep breathe and starts to explain. I just stand their looking at her as her eyes stare at the ground. 

Ems POV: 

Here goes nothing..."I know you were at the party the other day, so was i, and im just gunna say it and get it over with, okaii, it was me you were dancing with, it was me you kissed and to be honest im glad you did because i really like you. Ever since you and E came over for the movie, i knew you were different, but in a good way." I say without taking a breathe or looking up, once ive finally taken a breathe, i continue, "And ever since then ive done nothing but think about you. I know you probably think im crazy and i understand if you do and i understand if you just wanna walk away and never speak to me agai-" Before i finish my sentance im cut off when a sudden pair of lips crash against mine, I feel him smile into the kiss. Our lips moving in sinc like they were made for each other. After a few moments he pulls back and look me in the eyes. "So i guess you dont want to run for the hills?" I question. 

"Of course not, the reason i said yes to meeting you is because i wanted to tell you the same thing. The moment i laid eyes on you when i knocked on your door the first day you came, i could tell you werent like other girls. Your obviously gorgeous but you clearly dont flaunt it like evry other girl does. Your different too, and also in a good way." He states, quoting my last words at the end. I feel the heat rising in my cheeks as they begin to turn bright pink. "So what do we do now?" say, i say looking at him. "Well Emily, I would to take you on a nice romantic date where no one can interupt us where we can get to know each other even more, that sound good?" he asks. "why of course." I reply in a terrible British accent. We both start laughing, and once again we're leaning in for another kiss. This time it was even slower and caring. His tongue licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which i gladly permitted. After a few minutes of making out on a park bench I pulled away and spoke, " Listen, every boy ive like has aways found a way to hurt me, one way or another. I dont want to go any further with you if your gunna do the same." i say to him, my eyebrows furrowed showing that im being genuine. He takes hold of my hand, a perfect fit in his. "I would never do anything to hurt you, you mean too much to me, seeing you sad makes me sad. And when your happy, im happy, especially when i know im the person that made you smile or laugh. I dont ever plan on leaving, or doing something supid to wreck whatever it is we have." To me, that was all the reassurance i needed. 


Hi, i know this is an extrEMely long chapter, 1373 words infact, but i never upload so i thought id do a big one to make up for it.

i know its bad so dont hate me.

Okay, byeeeee xx 










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