Him ~ A Dolan Twin FanFic...

its the end of graduation you and your bestfriend Amy move into a beautiful house in New jersey, you meet your neighbours and you felt an instant attraction to one of the brothers that live next door, the way he looks at you, talks to you, acts around you. You can help but swoon.


10. Facetime...

Graysons pov: 


Wow that date was perfect, i thought to myself. Probably the best I have ever been on. I had such a fun time. I even managed to have one of those perfect cliche moments that only happens in movies, you know where the man gives his date his jacket or whatever. I just hope she enjoyed it as much as i did. 


As soon as i get in, im greeted by silence.  I look around the house to see if i could find Ethan. He was no where to be seen, until eventually i ended up in the living room, and surprise surprise i see Ethan and Amy cuddled up on the sofa, asleep. I dont get how they are so 'together' already... they havent even gone out on  a date yet. 


I just go upstairs, take a shower and before i know it its 11pm. So i climb in bed with a smile on my face, thinking about how i have just had the best night ever. 



 I wake up to the brightest sun in my eyes ever!! I reach to the side of me and grab my phone and check the time. I raised my eyebrows when i saw that it was 8;30 in the morning...i don't think i'v ever been awake this morning ever. Today is Tuesday so the video we filmed earlier this week will be going up tonight. i hope the fans like it. After a good few minutes scrolling through twitter ad checking my Instagram, i swivel around so i'm perched at the side of the bed i woke up on this morning. Walking over to the towel cabinet and pull one out, getting ready to jump in the shower. 

Once i had washed my hair and my body i climbed out, got changed, did my hair and made my way downstairs. i whipped up a quick batch of pancake mixture and began to cook them. The smell was amazing. As the smell drifted its way upstairs, i heard ethan make his way down, knowing a delicious plate of  breakfast would be sat waiting for him. 

"hey bro." I say to him, when he saunters in, with a mouth full of chewed up pancake. He just grunts, sits down and tucks in to his freshly made meal. 

***later on in the day***

Its around 5:30 now in the evening and i have finally finished editing the vid which is due to go up soon. As its my time to relax i decide to lay in bed for a few minutes and maybe take a quick power nap. 

As i'm laid in bed i was scrolling through my instagram, yet again, and i see emily's name pop up. and i realise i haven't talked to her at all today. So i decide to call her, however because i'm THE most idiotic person ever, i accidently clicked facetime, and before i had the chance to cancel it and call her, she had already answered. Sh*t!

"Hey, Gray, whats up?" she says as soon as she answers. "Just thought id call, say hi." I reply, stuttering. i really need to learn how to talk to girls.  She just laughs and says hi. In my head all i could think was, i really hope this isnt awkward, or i hope we actually talk to each other. But in reality, the conversation didnt stop, we just kept talking and laughing and smiling. We talked for what seemed like hours, everytime she laughed, i got these weird butterflies in my stomach. God, she really is beautiful. For the night we just talked, i uploaded the video, and left the rest of the internet word alone, it was just me and emily all night. And to be honest, i kinda liked it this way.....


Thank you for reading xx  and yes i know its really bad but oh well. 


okay...bye xx




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